How to Record from Mixer to Phone

Most cell phones now have some kind of an audio jack, which allows you to concentrate to your uploaded MP3 audio files without disturbing other individuals around you. With this audio connection you’re also ready to send the music to outside devices, including an audio mixer. Although you are doing need an adapter cable, the actual connection process only takes a moment or two to complete.

Using an iPad/iPhone/Android SmartPhone

The Apple iPad could also be an exceptional portable studio and will be really simple to use with, for instance , GarageBand app and basic audio interface. you’ll have your own studio which you’ll easily take anywhere. Things got serious with these little devices but also messy due to cables needed for correct connection. Only a couple of years ago, who would say that this may be possible then simple within the near future. If you are doing go down this route, it’s worth finding out what’s the simplest phone for sound recording .

So, you’ve got a mixer, lineouts and iPad phones mic input (which is additionally phones output). RCA cable will go from mixer to your phone mic input with the stereo 3.5mm jack. Simple, right? All you would like is to open your recording app on your phone or iPad. But…

The headphone/mic input/output on the iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone is supposed for stereo headphones signal and microphone mono signal. meaning that your recording via this connection are often only mono. Also, the input level is far less than needed for a correct live sound recording . There are cables on a market with a built-in attenuator that balances the signal but even thereupon cable (iRig2, RÖDE SC4, HeadsetBudd …), the recording will still only be mono.

Another recording option (better recording quality option) would be through a USB connector on your phone or iPad. Yes, that connector isn’t only for charging and exchanging files except for advanced usage of this connector, you’ll need an On-The-Go (OTG) cable or adaptor for Android or “Lightning to USB Camera Adapter” for iPad and iPhone. These adaptors allow the phone to be used as a USB host, a bit like a PC. that might be the primary step.

If you don’t have USB mixer, you ought to get a minimum of simple audio interface/sound card. Then with a pair of RCA, or 6.5mm cables (depending on the audio interface) connect your mixer with it. After you connected mixer and sound card, connect your iPad or Android with the sound card also with adaptors we already mentioned. Download USB recorder app from Google Play or App Store and luxuriate in recording.

If you own a USB mixer, then ditch the audio interface and just connect your mixer together with your phone with simplest USB cable.

Recently, Roland company introduced us with a touch affordable (around $100) gadget called Go: Mixer. With this compact mixer, you’ll record in high-quality up to 5 (with Pro version up to nine) instruments on to your smartphone with a USB connection. With Roland’s app for this device, you’ll easily record a video also as audio. It couldn’t be easier.


Plug the three .5 mm end of the cable into the headphone jack on your telephone . Without a headphone jack you’re unable to attach the telephone to an audio mixing board. Plug the quarter inch end of the cable into one among the “Line-In” ports on the audio mixer. Power on the telephone and therefore the audio mixer. Select the audio track on the telephone and press “Play.” The audio now runs through the audio mixer and into any any connected loudspeaker.

How to Record from Mixer to Phone

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