How To Remove A Dispute From A Credit Report

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If you go to a bank for a mortgage, the lender will check out your credit history to see your creditworthiness. A lender may refuse to form a loan to you if any of your creditors have reported your account as being “in dispute.” you’ll have “disputed” a specific charge attributed in error to your mastercard , for instance . Then so as to secure a loan you’ll want to possess that dispute settled and faraway from your record. Here’s the way to do this .

Open disputes aren’t always removed automatically

Even after a dispute is resolved, the comments saying the account is being disputed don’t always automatically get removed. These dispute comments can stay your report for years in some cases.

Removing disputes from your report is really a really simple process which will take you about 20 minutes to finish . All three Credit Bureaus will have the dispute comments removed within 24-72 hours.

Removing dispute wording could un-qualify you for the mortgage.

When an account is disputed, it’s masked from consideration within the FICO scoring of your credit file. If the disputed account has negative information, the masking may increase your FICO score. But the disputed account can also have a positive score value; and, therefore, unmasking the the account by removing the dispute wording would increase your FICO score.

The Bakers (not their real name) came to Credit Security Group for help in 2016. Their story is one we’ve heard repeatedly before. that they had been told, erroneously, that each one dispute wording on their credit reports had to be removed. that they had dutifully followed instructions and gotten the wording removed. The cable company charge-off was the sole serious delinquency on the Bakers’ credit reports. The thirty-day late was the sole late payment. Their scores decreased by over 50 points.

The tragedy here is that our analysis of the mortgage underwriting rules and therefore the credit reporting data revealed that there was really no got to remove dispute wording from either of the derogatory accounts. within the case of the 30-day late, the underlying data, not printed on the credit report, showed that the account wasn’t disputed during a manner that kept it out of the credit scores. This underlying data is revealed when their credit file was submitted to automated underwriting – the pc program lenders use. The Bakers credit report was just fine, the real estate loan would have cleared underwriting without removal of the dispute wording on the 2 accounts. The Bakers should are ready to proceed to closing their new home.

Contacting the Credit Reporting Agencies

Contact TransUnion by phone. to possess TransUnion remove a dispute, you ought to call 800-916-8800 and ask that the dispute be removed. There should be no got to follow up with a letter.

Nevertheless, you ought to note of whom you ask . Write down the person’s name, and note the day and time of the conversation.

Write a letter to Equifax

to possess a dispute faraway from Equifax, you ought to send a letter to Equifax Consumer Services LLC, P.O. Box 740256, Atlanta, GA 30374-0256. Send the letter first-class , and request a return receipt.

  • within the letter you ought to include your name and address also as an invitation to get rid of the notation of dispute.
  • Also share with the CRA the proof that the investigation into the dispute was completed. Send copies of supporting documents.

Contacting a Creditor

Know when to contact. If you run into problems with the CRA, and therefore the dispute isn’t removed, you’ll want to succeed in bent the creditor directly. The creditor can request that the knowledge be faraway from your credit report.

Call the creditor

you ought to call the creditor which reported the dispute and ask to possess it began your report. Also invite an address where you’ll send a confirming letter.

Write a letter

you ought to follow up your call with a letter which can function physical evidence that you simply requested removal. A letter to the creditor should have the subsequent information:

  • The name of the credit reporting agency whose report shows the dispute.
  • an invitation to get rid of the dispute notation on the report.
  • a replica of any communication you’ve got already had with the CRA about this issue.

Mail the letter

you ought to mail your letter first-class , return receipt requested. Hold onto the receipt, and keep a replica of the letter for your records.

Send any supporting documentation also as a photocopy of the credit report with the dispute highlighted.


If you were denied a loan because a dispute appeared on your Experian report, you’re entitled to a free report. you’ll visit and follow the instructions. Indicate that an “adverse action” was taken against you due to the presence of the dispute on the report.

How To Remove A Dispute From A Credit Report

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