How To Remove A Fraud Alert From Equifax

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Equifax is one of three nationwide credit reporting companies within the US, and provides consumers the power to post a fraud alert on their credit reports if they believe they need been the victim of fraud. These fraud alerts protect you by putting potential creditors on notice that you simply could also be a victim of fraud. Creditors who see the alert may take additional steps to verify your identity before increasing your credit limit or opening a replacement account in your name. However, fraud alerts can also make it harder for you to use for credit or manage your existing credit accounts. For these reasons, Equifax has methods for you to get rid of a fraud alert from your credit report.

Sending a Written Removal Request

Make copies of required documents. Equifax requires you to prove your identity and address with copies of certain documents.

  • Alongside your letter, you want to include a replica of 1 document that validates your identification and one document that validates your current address.
  • Documents Equifax accepts to validate your identity include a photocopy of a legitimate driver’s license or state-issued identification card, a Social Security card, a passport, or a military ID.
  • Documents Equifax accepts to validate your current address include a photocopy of a utility bill, pay stub, rental agreement, or mortgage statement – as long as they include your name and your current address.

Confirm the fraud alert has been removed

After you’ve received notice that Equifax accepted your letter, check your credit report regularly until you’ll verify that the fraud alert is not any longer there.

If your request has been received and therefore the fraud alert remains present on your credit report, you’ll be ready to get assistance by filling out Equifax’s online contact form at There is also a telephone number on your credit report that you simply can call to talk to an Equifax agent.

Allowing Your Fraud aware of Expire

Check your calendar to work out when the fraud alert expires

Performing from the date the fraud alert appeared on your credit report, you’ll calculate the day when it’ll expire.

If you’ve purchased a credit monitoring product from Equifax, you’ll check the alerts under the Member Center on your account to seek out the precise date when your alert expires.

Deactivating Automatic Alerts

Determine if you’ve got automatic alerts available on your account. Certain credit monitoring products available through Equifax have an automatic alert feature.

If you’ve purchased an Equifax credit monitoring product, you’ll determine if you’ve got free access to the automated alerts feature by logging in and reviewing your account information within the Member Center.

Attend the alerts tab on the house page of your Equifax account

After you log in to your Equifax account, click the alerts tab at the highest of the page to review the status of your alerts and manage your preferences.

How To Remove A Fraud Alert From Equifax

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