How To Remove Closed Accounts From A Credit Report

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Incorrect information on your credit report can impact your credit score and may therefore affect your ability to secure a loan, mortgage, or Mastercard. Closed accounts, or accounts that you’ve fully paid, can stay in your credit report for up to 10 years. You would possibly want to get rid of these accounts from your credit report, as they will inform banks or other companies what your credit habits are. Removing them are often difficult, but is by no means impossible.

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What happens once you Close an Account?

When you close an account, it’s not available for brand spanking new transactions, but you are still required to pay off any balance you continue to have due by paying a minimum of the minimum due monthly by the maturity.

After the account is closed, the account status on your credit report gets updated to point out that the account has been closed. For accounts closed with a balance, the creditor continues to update account details with the credit bureaus monthly .4 Your credit report will show the foremost recently reported balance, your last payment, and your monthly payment history.

How Closed Accounts Affect Your Credit

Credit scores are supported in several factors: your payment history, what proportion of your available credit you’re using, the age of your credit accounts, the kinds of credit you’re using and the way often you apply for brand spanking new credit. The impact that a closed account has on your credit depends largely on the sort of account involved and whether you continue to owe a balance.

With a Mastercard, “closing an account causes you to lose the available balance thereon the card,” says Rod Griffin, director of public education at Experian. “That leads to a rise in your utilization rate, or balance-to-limit ratio.”

Disputing the Report

Contact the creditor directly for best results. The creditor can contact the bureau directly and ask them to get rid of misinformation from a customer’s report. Either contact the creditor by phone or email and use an appreciative, friendly tone.

  • If it had been the creditor who reported the knowledge incorrectly, they could affect the dispute with the bureau for you.
  • However, aren’t getting too optimistic. The creditor won’t want to jeopardize their relationship with the bureau in order that they could also be reluctant to pursue the matter on your behalf.

Following abreast of Your Dispute

File a complaint if all else fails. If you’ve skilled every other avenue, and you’re still unsuccessful, you’ll file a complaint against the bureau with the local consumer financial protection agency or another department of local government. This could only be done once you are sure that the closed account doesn’t belong on your report.

  • Explain what happened as thoroughly as possible to permit the agency to adequately investigate things.


  • Be wary of credit repair companies. It’s easy to require a fast fix for your situation, but credit repair companies can cause tons more hassle and frustration within the end of the day.
How To Remove Closed Accounts From A Credit Report

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