How To Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

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Any late payments listed on your credit report will lower your credit score, which may make it harder for you to urge a loan, mortgage, insurance, and even employment. Luckily, there are steps you’ll fancy, remove the late payment from your history and repair your credit. First, check your records to seek out if the charge may be a mistake or legitimate. If you actually did miss a payment, then you’ll appeal to your creditors to get rid of the payment. If you discover that you simply paid the bill, then you’ll dispute the charge with the credit agencies. In either case, you will be on your thanks to fixing your credit report soon.

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Investigation and Evidence

Get a replica of your credit report by contacting the three reporting agencies. If your credit score drops otherwise you suspect that a late payment is being recorded on your score, then start by obtaining your full credit report. Request a report from all three credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. You’ll do that by calling 1-877-322-8228, or by visiting their website at You’ll get to provide your name, Social Security number, address, and date of birth.

You’re allowed a free copy of your credit report every 12 months. You’re also allowed a replica if you have been denied a loan or credit, are unemployed and searching for employment, or were the victim of fraud or fraud.

Check Your Credit report back to See if the Late Payments Are Accurate

To start, review your credit reports and therefore the details about the late payments. Consider which account is being reported late, when the late payments were reported, and therefore the amount that was reported overdue. To confine mind, interest and costs can cause larger past-due balances.

If you are able to, review your own financial records about the account to ascertain if there is a discrepancy. While even being at some point late is enough for a few creditors to charge you a late fee and administered other penalties, many won’t report an account as delinquent until it’s 30 days overdue.

Contact Your Creditor for Assistance

If you think a creditor incorrectly reported the late payment, you’ll want to start out by submitting a dispute on to them. Include any documentation you have—such as copies of a canceled check or payment verification email.

If the creditor investigates and agrees that there was a mistake, it’ll send an update to all or any of the credit bureaus it reports to and have the late payment corrected or deleted. You’ll monitor your credit reports for the changes, which can take several billing cycles to seem.

Mail-In Disputes

Write a dispute letter for late payments you think that are an error. At the highest of the letter, write your complete name and current address. Write a letter that’s simple and to the purpose. Identify each disputed item on the report and therefore the reasons for why you’re disputing the knowledge. Then request that the disputed item be removed or corrected. Before sending the letter, make a replica of it for your records.

For instance, “To whom it’s going to concern, I’m writing you to dispute the knowledge on my report. The late Amazon payment is a mistake because I paid it on time. I’m asking that the item be deleted from my account. Enclosed is my report with the disputed items circled, also as my statement supporting my position. Please review the knowledge and proper the error as soon as possible.”


  • Whenever you get an agreement from a creditor or a reporting agency, catch on in writing. You would possibly need this if the dispute isn’t resolved.
  • Creditors or credit agencies are more likely to side together with you if you stay in top of your payments normally. They are much more willing to ascertain the late payment as an honest mistake during this case. This is often an honest reason to stay your credit in nearly as good of shape as possible.
  • If you would like help, you’ll always hire a credit adviser to barter with the creditors for you. These are professionals who know the proper things to mention, in order that they could be more successful than you if you are not sure what to try to.
How To Remove Late Payments From Your Credit Report

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