How To Rent Space At An Antique Mall

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Selling antiques and collectibles are often profitable, but the overhead of maintaining a store is prohibitive for a few people. One solution is to rent space at an antique mall where individual dealers have separate spaces during a shared building to offset costs. To seek out the perfect antique mall space for you, follow some basic steps.

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What to Sell

Renting an area in an antique mall isn’t something to be entered into lightly. It’s a business, one which will succeed or fail, and a big percentage fail to form the value of their rent. Breaking even may be a happy place for those whose motivation is just to remain busy, but you’re here to show a profit. First, you ought to consider whether your collection is sufficiently diverse to be the only source of your merchandise. To form a profit, or maybe to form your rent, you will need to supply a variety of things which will interest a broad spectrum of buyers, not just those seeking 1930s travel brochures, and you ought to offer a full spectrum of costs also .

Finding an Antique Mall

Antique mall

You’ve gotten a thought of what you would like to sell, so now you would like to make a decision where you would like to sell. Larger communities may have several antique malls close enough to be realistic options. I’ve known people that have rented booths in malls two states away, but you’re bound to want something closer. You’ll likely visit your booth a minimum of a few of days every week , so do yourself a favor and accompany something close. Assuming that you’ve got quite one mall to settle on from, you’ll be wanting to undertake to work out which one are going to be most conducive to creating money.

Setting Up Your Booth

Price your items with discernment. Once you’ve got selected a mall and signed a contract, you would like to cost your items in order that you’re ready to pay the booth rent and still have some profit. But take care to not inflate prices to hide your rent. Visit other booths to ascertain what the typical price is for your sort of product.

  • If you’re selling items that are popular within the internet, like antiques and collectibles, you’ll want to research prices online first to cost items in order that they sell.


  • Before you opt to rent space at an antique mall, ask the management how often it’s space available. If the mall experiences a gentle turn over, then it’s going to be an indicator of a management problem.


  • Remember that antique booths are little business, and you ought to treat them intrinsically . Ask your accountant what this might mean for your taxes.
How To Rent Space At An Antique Mall

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