How To Report Tax Fraud Anonymously

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Tax fraud may seem like a harmless game that people and businesses play with the govt . actually , it’s a significant issue and, counting on the circumstances, could also be a criminal offense . Tax fraud also costs everyone money through higher taxes or reduced services. you’ll want to form a report, but don’t need to spot yourself for fear of reprisal. due to these concerns, all taxing jurisdictions will accept anonymous reports and investigate your complaints.

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Why Help the IRS?

Nobody likes paying quite their justifiable share of taxes so as to catch up on others who intentionally evade theirs. Why shouldn’t tax evaders hand over some of their incomes to supply things that benefit the overall good, like roads and sewers, once you do? Reporting a tax cheat is like reporting a shoplifter—you’re just asking them to buy something they’re trying to unfairly get for free of charge .

Gather the Evidence

The IRS isn’t likely to pursue someone without good reason. If the time and resources are getting to be spent, the chances got to be good that the efforts will end in a payoff. Besides determining who, what, where, when, and why the person evaded his or her taxes, the IRS will need specific information (the sort of violation, availability of books or records, then on). Having a hunch without supporting details just isn’t ok .

Also make sure that the evasion is financially significant enough. for instance , stating that your neighbor did not report a $50 babysitting earning isn’t getting to interest the IRS. On the opposite hand, if you’re employed for an outsized business that you simply suspect is underreporting its income, the IRS will likely be very interested.

Blowing the Whistle on a Tax Cheat

The IRS may pay awards in exchange for valuable information that results in the gathering of taxes, penalties, interest, or other amounts from the noncompliant taxpayer. There are various sorts of awards granted, counting on the evader’s income level and classification (business or individual).

The IRS likely chooses to focus its efforts on these larger cases because they need a better payoff. it’s also been suggested that higher income individuals are found to cheat more frequently and for higher sums of cash , mostly because they have a tendency to earn more self-reported income.

Preparing to Report Tax Fraud

Know the warning signs of tax fraud. Tax fraud involves the under-payment of any quite taxes, including income, sales, property, or other business taxes. Tax fraud costs everyone by forcing the govt to boost taxes or cut services.

  • While there’s no definitive thanks to spot fraud, there are some common warning signs that somebody could also be committing fraud.
  • Using cash to get items that are hard to trace and straightforward to sell. for instance , antiques, collectibles, and precious metals.
  • lie around their residence to avoid state income taxes. samples of this include creating fake residences by renting post office boxes in states with no tax .
  • Falsely claiming dependents. this does not just mean “inventing” children. It also can include claiming they cared for elderly relatives in an effort to urge Head of Household status and additional exemptions.
  • Blatantly under-report business income by not documenting sales, performing services for cash, and recording non-existent purchases of products or supplies.
  • Paying employees and vendors in cash.

Reporting State and County Tax Fraud

Locate the acceptable state or county agency. Whether you would like the state Department of Revenue or Tax Commission, you’ll need to find the right state agency and either their online tax fraud reporting website or the address .

to seek out the tax fraud reporting procedure and address, perform a web look for “[your state] tax fraud reporting”. you’ll also call the overall information telephone number for your government or tax authority.

Collecting a gift

Know who to contact. Some state governments and therefore the federal offer rewards for credible information that results in a set of unpaid taxes. If you’re reporting federal tax fraud, you’ll got to contact the IRS’ Whistleblower Office. If you’re reporting state tax fraud, you’ll got to contact your state’s department of revenue.


  • Your report of tax fraud won’t be acknowledged nor will you be ready to get any information or updates. All details about the investigation are going to be confidential.
  • don’t be tempted to misuse the tax fraud reporting system to realize a plus during a divorce, settlement , or business dispute. In some jurisdictions filing a false report may be a crime. At the very lease you’ll be found in contempt of court.
How To Report Tax Fraud Anonymously

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