How To Run A Silent Auction

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Silent auctions are auctions held without an auctioneer. People place their bids on sheets of paper instead. They’re often used by charities to raise money, but they can be tricky to place together. With good planning, however, it’s easy to set up an auction and get the most out of your items.

What is a Silent Auction?

A silent auction is an occasion that’s typically held by fundraisers and charitable organizations. It normally takes place without an auctioneer. during a silent auction, items are showed the attendees and every item features a bid sheet. Participants place their bids silently on the bid sheet employing a bidding number on their favorite item.

Items displayed within the auction have a “minimum increase requirement” which is mentioned in its bid sheet. Nowadays silent auctions are often conducted using mobile bidding applications, which makes it easier to take care of anonymity and not let the bidders know the quantity placed by other bidders. Once the bids are placed, the very best bid wins the item, and therefore the proceeds go towards the cause or the nonprofit.

Silent auctions are popular for fundraising and also easier to execute compared to the normal English auction event.

In a traditional silent auction, each item features a paper bid sheet. Participants place bids by writing their name, contact information, and bidder number on the bid sheet.

Why Run a Silent Auction?

A silent auction can work well for helping organizations in various sectors to raise funds.

Other benefits of running a silent auction can include:

  • Raising the profile of your nonprofit
  • Expanding your current donor base
  • Increasing donor retention rates and helping to form sure your supporters stay engaged together with your nonprofit within the future
  • Making donors conscious of the donation channels they will use to support your nonprofit

How to Run a Silent Auction: the basics

Event Management

Rather than manually tracking registrations and sorting through long lists to see in your guests, use a fully-integrated event management system. cash in of multi-guest ticketing, collect guest information through custom fields, create add-on purchases, and track bidder activity.

Checkout Features

Avoid overly complicated checkouts, illegible payment information, and long lines. By using silent auction software, you’ll check guests into the event on the app or on a laptop, instead of forcing them to attend in endless lines. you’ll also let guests found out a payment method on your auction website, which is quicker and safer and allows guests to quickly complete their payment and collect their items as they leave.

Preparing for the Event

Recruit volunteers. A contact list, especially an email list, is handy for this. you’ll need: volunteers to assist set up; volunteers to watch and shut tables at the appointed time and confirm minimum bid and minimum increase requirements were met; a “bank” crew to arrange bid sheets (especially of multiple winners) and collect money from winning bids; and a pack up crew.

Select volunteers willing to be officials. These people will got to know the principles of the silent auction and who to travel to for questions they can’t answer. During the event they will wear something—hat, vests, jackets, or sashes—that designates them as officials.

invite donations. to make money for your charity, you will need items or services to sell at the silent auction. Many businesses and even individuals within your community will likely be happy to assist , if you tell them what the aim of the auction is and who will enjoy it.

do not forget to invite services also as tangible goods. Perhaps an area salon will donate a haircut and/or style, or an area golf links could offer a round of golf with a trainer.

Make a master list of the worth of all the things . If you’re getting to do that again next year, it’s nice to possess an equivalent people attend an equivalent businesses annually . Include space on your master list to write down who donated the item, the worth of it, the donor’s contact information, who won the item, their telephone number , and the way much they paid. this manner you’ll confirm they get their items and you recognize what proportion money you made.

When making a master list, think about using a computerized program like Excel. Another volunteer could be willing to input the knowledge . If so, make columns for donor name, address, and telephone number , item number, item description, and value.

Put variety on each item. Use small blank stickers or labels available at general stores and office supply businesses. If you’ve got quite a couple of items and if any of them are similar, it makes keeping track much easier. Put an equivalent number next to the item on your master list.

Put the item number on the bid sheet also , so bidders can match the bid sheet to the item.

How to Get the simplest Silent Auction Items

Once you’ve given some thought to your audience and therefore the quite silent auction items they could appreciate and value, how does one secure the proper auction items?

Well, from what we have seen , it’s all about the connections you’ve built.

You can’t source all the things alone: you will need to ask your community to support you and to ask their friends, family, alumni, and business partners to do an equivalent . Get your team together and brainstorm an inventory of potential donors and items, then assign volunteers to follow up and solicit those items.

Of course, handling item donations, bidders, and therefore the silent auction itself are often tons to handle directly for any organization. Having one platform to manage of these moving parts are often a useful asset when planning your fundraising event. confirm to think about
your options for auction software that would streamline the set-up and execution of your auction.


  • Use pens, not pencils for people to bid with.
  • On bid sheets, names got to be written whenever a bid is increased, but phone numbers got to be written just one occasion . an alternate is to possess people register at the door and include their telephone number and other contact information therein registry.
  • Make bidding sheets half-sheet size (4-1/4” x 11”) if you’ve got tons of things . This reduces bid sheet crowding on the tables. If a bid sheet fills up, you’ll tape an empty one to the filled one.
  • Consider the weather. is that this an outside event? believe wind, rain, sun (bad for bottles of wine and candles which may melt….) then on.
  • Consider having some volunteers put their names on the bid sheets with a minimum bid. An item looks a touch more attractive if somebody else has already decided they need it. Another alternative is just to permit volunteers to bid on items before the event starts. Some volunteers won’t have time to bid during the event and allowing volunteers to bid early doesn’t preclude attendees from outbidding them.
  • Consider punching holes within the tops of all the bid sheets and running a string through all the sheets on one side of a table. That way, once you get to the close, you simply need to have one volunteer at each end of the string to tug all the sheets directly (and keep people from “sneaking” during a last bid after the close).
  • Consider tech. Silent auction texting can significantly raise revenue. The added speed increases the amount of bids which ultimately pushes the worth up. Various keypad systems also are available but texting is far cheaper and may normally be travel by yourselves with the minimum of fuss.
How To Run A Silent Auction

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