How To Save Up For A Car

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Whether you would like to shop for a car outright or simply make an outsized enough deposit to significantly improve your financing options, saving up for a car may be a good way to urge within the habit of saving! It takes some patience and discipline, but it’ll be worthwhile once you drag the wheel. Which sense of accomplishment can drive you on to tackle other goals. Here, we’ve gathered a number of the simplest ideas you’ll use to save lots of up for the car of your dreams.

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Calculate your deposit

Choose a target amount to spend, then compare a couple of makes and models to seek out out if it’s realistic. Once you zero in on the worth range for a car you’ll afford, calculate your deposit . Aim to place 20% down on a replacement vehicle and 10% down on a second hand vehicle.

Budget for car-related expenses

NerdWallet recommends following the 50/30/20 budget, which allocates 50% of your monthly income to needs, 30% to wants and 20% to savings and debt repayment.

Deciding whether to factor vehicle savings into the “needs” or “wants” a part of your budget are often tricky, but consider it this way: a second hand , base-model car and a brand-new one with upgraded features will both get you to figure , but the latter is more of a “want.”

Use images of your car to motivate you

Set your desktop and phone background to an image of your car. If you see your car often, you’ll keep your goal in view and be less likely to spend money on other things. you would possibly also put an image of your car on your bathroom mirror, or create a driving-themed collage to hold next to your bed.

Cut an image of your car out of a magazine or print one off an internet site and stick it in your wallet. You will see it whenever you choose a credit or open-end credit , and it’ll remind you of what you’re saving for. you would possibly consider before making that impulse purchase.

Take a car for a test drive

attend a dealership that features a car almost like the one you would like . If you continue to have tons of saving to try to to , this won’t be the precise car you finish up buying—but that’s okay! What’s important here is that you simply have the experience of driving the car.

  • Whenever you’re tempted to spend money on something different, or are beginning to have second thoughts about your savings project, just believe the sensation you bought driving the car. Let that motivate you to stay to your plan.
  • If there is a similar model for rent near you, you would possibly also rent it for a day—although this may cost you a touch extra money . By having the car for the entire day, though, you get a far better picture in your mind of what it might be wished to actually own the car.


  • Your credit score can have an enormous impact on the financing options available to you. If you’ve got a coffee credit score, you would possibly want to specialize in improving it first.
How To Save Up For A Car

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