How To See If You Are On ChexSystems List

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If you’ve ever had financial troubles, there is a chance you’ll get on the ChexSystems list. ChexSystems actively holds credit data on over 300 million consumers within the US and provides that data to approximately 80% of the banks across the country. Credit scores can range from 100 (the lowest possible credit score) to 899 (the highest), which credit rating is calculated using the info ChexSystems holds on a given consumer. A coffee credit score can affect an individual’s ability to open a checking or bank account for years after a coffee score has been assigned.

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What ChexSystems Does

ChexSystems keeps records on checking and bank account behavior. The knowledge is primarily about people that spend extra money than they need available in their checking accounts, also as those that violate other bank policies. If you’ve bounced checks within the past otherwise you owe money to a bank, there is a good chance that you’re within the ChexSystems database.

Banks and credit unions provide information about your banking behavior to ChexSystems, and other sources contribute also. Then, financial institutions buy reports from ChexSystems to seek out if you’ve had problems at other banks.

The main ChexSystems report only contains negative information. In other words, you’ve got an entry therein report as long as you’ve got bounced checks or had overdrafts in your bank accounts. If you don’t appear during a ChexSystems report, that’s an honest thing. This is often different from credit reports for borrowing, which look better once you show an extended history of borrowing and repaying on time.

Discovering Whether You’re on the ChexSystems List

Request a ChexSystems report online. Consumers who are worried a few potentially poor ChexSystems rating can request a report from the corporate. The report will detail a consumer’s instances of unpaid fees, bounced checks, and instances of suspected fraud, also as an inventory of credit inquiries, check orders, and credit freezes.

  • Consumers can request a report from the corporate by getting to the ChexSystems website and filling out the required identifying information, including the consumer’s full name, address, and Social Security number, and submitting that information through the website.
  • ChexSystems will answer requests for a consumer report within five business days.
  • Only the buyer himself or herself may request a consumer report.
  • Not most are on the ChexSystems list. If you request a replica of your report, and you’re not on the ChexSystems list, you’ll receive a blank report.

Recovering Your Credit After a ChexSystems Listing

Dispute a mistake in your report. Consumers who wish to dispute a mistake during a ChexSystems report may initiate that dispute with either ChexSystems or the bank that provided ChexSystems thereupon information. Because consumers may initiate disputes with both ChexSystems and therefore the bank, it’s going to expedite the dispute process by filing a dispute with both institutions.

Highlight or circle the account listing that you simply believe is inaccurate or incorrect. Then make a photocopy of your report, keeping the first for your own records.


  • Approximately 80% of U.S. banks will contact ChexSystems before permitting someone to open a replacement account.
  • Once you order your free report, ChexSystems will send you the report within 5 business days of receipt of your request. The report is shipped by U.S. mail.
  • You’ll send an invitation for Reinvestigation form, also as an invitation for Consumer Statement form, to ChexSystems at: Chex Systems, Inc., 7805 Hudson Road, Suite 100, Woodbury, MN 55125. You’ll also fax the shape to 602-659-2197.
  • Barring unusual circumstances, ChexSystems indicates that the approximate time during which you’ll be notified of the results of your dispute submission is 30 days (21 days if you reside in Maine).
  • Your old bank, or a set agency, may tell you that they’ll remove your negative listing from ChexSystems if you pay whatever amount you’ll owe. If that’s the case, have the bank provide you with something in writing thereto effect. Also note that to be effective, the written promise must be from the bank, which is that the institution that filed the report. Getting it from just the gathering agency is meaningless.
  • If you’ve failed in your efforts to possess what you think to be an erroneous item faraway from your ChexSystems report, you’ll haven’t any alternative but to require the interest court.
  • If your ChexSystems report is accurate, attempt to pay any existing amounts owed to your financial organization as soon as possible, so a minimum of the status of the account are often changed within the report back to reflect the payment.


  • Having negative information on a ChexSystems report can prevent you from having the ability to open a checking account. And remember, your information stays on the report for five years.
  • When submitting a “consumer statement” to be added to your report, take care to not include confidential personal data (like medical information). If you are doing include it, that information won’t be removed or hidden. Therefore, it’ll be visible to anyone making a legitimate request for a replica of your report.
How To See If You Are On ChexSystems List

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