How To Sell Antiques On RubyLane

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eBay is quick, but you often get less money then you’d like. so as to maximize your profits, consider selling on RubyLane and online site that’s curated and only sells antiques. Perhaps you’ve got those things your grandmother left you, or that dotty old aunt. Follow these instructions to sell on a site that is specifically for those items.

What Exactly Qualifies as an Antique?

Before you’ll sell your items and classify them as antique, you want to understand how an item is decided to be antique and what the word means. Webster’s Dictionary defines an antique as, “a collectible object like a bit of furniture or work of art that features a high value due to its considerable age.” consistent with Antiques HQ, within the antique trade, the term refers to things quite 100 years old. Items begin to be considered vintage at 20 years old. Generally speaking, vintage often refers to items from the years 1960-1979, and retro refers to the years 1950-1960.
Using the right keyword for your antiques is extremely important, as you would like to match your item with buyer searches, and you do not want to be reported for misclassifying your item.

What Types Sell the Best?

The answer to the present question will depend upon who you ask, and the way you define the word “best.” eBay shows over 600,000 items with the keyword “antique” currently listed. Over 162,000 items with the keyword “antique” sold within the last 30 days. the foremost popular categories include:

  • Primitives
  • Vases
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Metalware
  • Dolls and bears
  • Clocks and clock parts
  • Jewelry
  • Art


1. Familiarize yourself with RubyLane

this may allow you to develop your pages in order that they look professional and appealing. inspect items almost like yours in order that you recognize the way to market your antiques appropriately on the location .

2. Come up with a reputation for your store

RubyLane calls this your nickname. it’s how you’ll be known both on RubyLane and anywhere else you opt to advertise. It’s one among the foremost important parts of selling online. Your name should be easy to recollect and be related to what you’re selling.

3. Once you’ve selected your initial items, take photos

they ought to be clear, show all aspects of the item and any relevant markings. If you’re selling antique or vintage jewelry, you want to have clear pictures of the front and back of the pieces.

confirm your photos show your items to their best advantage. Also, make certain to point out any repairs, flaws or other things that your buyer would want to understand before purchasing. There should be no surprises.

4. Write a compelling, relevant description of every item

If you recognize the providence, add that also . People wish to know the history of the antiques they’ve purchased. It adds to the cache and may raise your asking price considerably. Better descriptions of your items will help them sell faster and be more compelling to customers.

5. Price your items appropriately

Do your research. check out similar or exact items both on RubyLane and on other sites online. See what proportion others have sold their antiques for and price on the brink of their prices, leaving yourself a touch little bit of room for negotiation.

6. Fill out a pre-opening checklist

this is often paramount. RubyLane won’t allow you to open without this. It should be filled out as soon as you’re able to open your store. A representative from RubyLane will re-evaluate the checklist along side your store and either approve your opening, or tell you what must be changed before you’ll open. don’t be discouraged if you’ve got to form changes, most of the people do.


  • Choose if you are going to ship internationally or simply domestically. The shipping should match where the item goes . Never use a flat fee for international shipping.
  • Add items frequently. this may keep your site relevant and better on the program lists on RubyLane. you’ll also decide if you would like to advertise on the location , it’s optional but can make a difference in traffic.
  • Connect your store to a site like Instagram or Pinterest. it’ll help increase your visibility and program results.
  • Do not be discouraged if it takes a touch while for your first sale. Often stores have slow starts. If you do, consider lowering your prices slightly or advertising to urge your store out there so people see it.
  • Consider writing articles on items you’re very conversant in and educated about. they will connect back to your site and you’ll be considered an expert in your area of experience .
How To Sell Antiques On RubyLane

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