How To Sell Furniture Online In India

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Selling furniture online is a great way to clear out pieces that are taking over room in your home. By selling, you can make a little cash and make space for new furniture. To sell your furniture online, choose a website to list on, post a quality ad, and communicate with potential buyers until you come to an agreement and complete the sale.

What type of furniture can you sell online?

Do pillows count as furniture, but not kitchen equipment? turns out, furniture belongs to different categories too, and it’s best to keep them in mind if you decide to get into this business.

The Indian furniture and furnishings sector mainly has furniture, furniture parts like wooden floors , concrete slabs, marble, tiles, textiles and other home décor products.

It does not include:

  • Home consumables
  • Home improvements
  • Products (hardware, tools paint etc.) faucets
  • Kitchenware categories

Find the right site

There’s certainly no shortage of options out there, so how to know which is best for you? By simply poking around these sites you will be ready to get a pity the sorts of products that shoppers attend them for, which should assist you narrow right down to one or two you want to undertake . Start by listing a couple of items on one site and see how you wish the method before committing whole-hog thereto , and check out a replacement one if it ever allows you to down. Here’s what we wish to sell on a bunch of sites:

  • eBay: vintage lamps and mirrors; antique and vintage rugs
  • Craigslist: near giveaways that you simply want to off-load ASAP (price them to sell!)
  • Etsy: artwork and medium-size vintage furnishings, like chairs
  • Chairish: trend-forward items (this is that the place to off-load anything pink, rattan, or velvet, for example)
  • AptDeco: larger or unwieldy pieces, as they need a service which will devour and deliver if you sell
  • EBTH: an entire home’s worth of stuff, as they’ll help handle photographing, cataloging, listing, and delivering
  • Previously Owned By a Gay Man: the things you would like you could keep
  • OfferUp: items you really want to sell, as shoppers can “make an offer”
  • Viyet: higher-end furnishings (the site caters to a fancier shopper)
  • Decaso: fine decorative pieces from art to tabletop to seating

Clean up your piece

Put yourself in the shopper’s shoes: Would you purchase that pillow (chair, rug, etc.) in its current condition? Now’s the time to try to to light mending, if and where necessary. Seams coming loose on a pillow you want to sell? Ask your tailor to stitch it up. Stain on the rug? Treat it. Old lamp that does not work? Have it re-wired so you’ll say, “It works!” Refinish a wood table so it’s like new. Give that rickety chair a fresh coat of high-gloss paint. You get the thought .

Give People the information they want

If you would like to appeal to potential buyers, try watching used furniture offers from their perspective. What would you would like to understand about this item? What sorts of questions would you ask? you would like to incorporate the small print that might most interest visitors within the item’s listing.

These may include the furniture’s age, its size, its quality, and any marks or defects it’s going to have accrued over time. People will appreciate being told about all this up-front because they’re going to know exactly what they’re getting into, with both the product itself and you.

Use Clear Pictures, and Use Several

With that said, people will want quite written details and descriptions about your furniture products. They also want images, so they can more easily imagine how these things will look in their home.

That’s why once you put up used furniture purchasable , you ought to include a spread of photos for every item. they ought to be taken from different angles so people can see them from all sides. These pictures should function proof that the things exist in just the condition you described, which can encourage potential buyers to trust you.

Find a trusty manufacturer or vendor

If you’re new selling furniture, make sure you check the following –

  • Read abreast of market share of various furniture items. Here’s an inventory to assist you start
  • Research on trending designs. consult different furniture design experts on this
  • Get samples of latest products before you purchase them
  • found out a unit with trusted vendors and buy or lease machinery
  • Maintain a gentle flow of capital

Customers are more aware than ever about the standard of the products they buy. Therefore, you would like to do a touch marketing research and find vendors and wholesalers who source good, low-cost material and craftsmanship. Once these are in situ , we will start to specialise in fixing a web platform. Here’s how you begin .

Posting a quality Ad

Create a replacement post. The thanks to create new listings varies supported which site you’re using. However, most sites have an easily accessible button that you simply can click on so as to be redirected to a page where you’ll enter during a new product description and photos. Click on any button you see that says something like “New Post” or “Create an inventory .”

  • On Letgo, this button reads, “Sell My Stuff.”

Write an accurate description of the furniture. include all the essential information about the furniture within the description, like how big it’s and what material it’s made out of. the customer wants to understand the maximum amount information about the piece as you’ll provide.

for instance , if you’re selling a table , your description might say something like, “Used sturdy 44 in (110 cm) by 44 in (110 cm) by 36 in (91 cm) table purchasable . The table is formed of oak and comes with 4 chairs and blue detachable seat cushions. Both the table and chairs are in excellent condition, and haven’t any scratches.”

Be upfront about the condition of your furniture. you do not want angry buyers who will leave you with a nasty review or refuse to pay. albeit your furniture isn’t in perfect condition, there’s likely still a buyer out there who might want it. attempt to be as honest and easy as you’ll to stay potential buyers happy and to encourage them to follow through with the sale.

How To Sell Furniture Online In India

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