How To Send A Money Order Through The Post Office

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Sometimes you would like to send money through the mail to friends, family, or during a business transaction. One among the foremost secure ways to try to do this within the us is to send a postal order . A postal order may be a payment certificate for a selected amount. It’s going to be cashed or deposited very similar to a check. However, it offers variety of security measures that make a postal order a way more sensible choice when sending it through the mail. For instance , money orders can normally get replaced if they need been lost or stolen. You’ll also use a postal order without having a checking account . Money orders are often conveniently purchased at banks, many retail stores and every one post offices.

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Sending International Money Orders

Fill out the cash form . There are variety of lines to fill out on the shape , and it’s essential that you simply do so correctly. make certain that you simply use only blue or black ink which you print everything correctly and legibly. Most money-order forms will ask you to enter the following:

  • Today’s date
  • Your full name
  • Your full address
  • The recipient’s name
  • The recipient’s full address
  • the quantity of cash you’re sending
  • an outline of the aim for the cash

Sending Domestic Money Orders

Purchase the cash order. there’ll be alittle fee for domestic money orders — usually between $1.00 and $2.00. Pay the fee, plus the quantity of the cash order. you’ll pay with a open-end credit , cash, or traveller’s check .

  • Note that traveller’s check s are often used as long as the acquisition amount is quite half the traveler’s check amount. For instance , if you’ve got a traveller’s check for $500, you’ll use it to get money orders that are $250 or more.
  • Members of the military who purchase military postal order s have a rather lower fee of 40 cents per money order.


  • Be in communication with the recipient of your postal order . You would like to understand directly if the cash order has been cashed or if it’s been delayed.
  • If the cash order has been lost, take all the pertinent information to your post office, including full name and address of your postal order recipient.
  • Ask the mail clerk if you’ve got any questions on money orders.


  • A postal order may be a very secure thanks to send money. However, money orders can stray or stolen. Be prepared to travel through the money-order replacement process if necessary. you ought to be ready to get your a refund , but there could be a delay of a minimum of 30 days.
  • remember of the likelihood of fraudulent money orders. American money orders have watermarks of Franklin on the paper to point that they’re legitimate.
  • Notice any eraser marks, smudging, or discoloration. These are indications that a postal order has been tampered with.
How To Send A Money Order Through The Post Office

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