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Sometimes, when someone you recognize needs money fast, the sole thanks to catch on to them within a matter of seconds is to send it online. Send money online fast and with limited hassles by using one among many payment methods. Some are free and completely digital, while others charge a fee for delivery of actual cash. Find out how to send money online so you’ll get money to a beloved during a hurry.

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Sending Money with PayPal

Decide if PayPal meets your needs. PayPal is one among the oldest online payment platforms, and has ties to several online vendors. you’ll use it to send money to friends and family, businesses, and online merchants.

  • You’ll use your bank accounts or PayPal balance for free of charge , or your PayPal Credit (for a 2.9% +.30 fee)
  • PayPal also offers a mobile application for sending and receiving money.
  • Payment recipients must have a PayPal account or must create one so as to receive funds.

Sending Money with SquareCash

check in for SquareCash online. Sign-up is simple , requiring only your email or telephone number and a security code verification.

  • you’ll check in directly on the location , otherwise you can download and use the mobile app.
  • you’ll wait to enter your checking account or open-end credit information until you’ve completed the account creation process.

Sending Money employing a Payment Link

Enter the payment amount and click on “Next.” You’ll either got to check in together with your own PayPal account or to make one. PayPal won’t permit you to send money unless you’ve got a verified account.

  • You’ll prefer to send money with a checking account or PayPal balance for free of charge , or use your open-end credit or mastercard for a fee (2.9% +.30).


  • PayPal’s verification process requires two deposits, followed by two EFT withdrawals. If you’re employing a bank account , make certain that these two withdrawals don’t exceed your federal monthly limit of 6 withdrawals. If they are doing , your bank will automatically close your bank account .
  • VENMO and SquareCash both offer an choice to download all transactions to a .csv file, while PayPal provides monthly statements for viewing and download. Always monitor your accounts for activity so as to stop fraud or to catch errors.
  • Pay close attention to your checking account and mastercard balances in order that you don’t incur fees for overdrawing or overcharging.
  • Your bank may allow person-to-person transfers, so you would possibly also consider checking their procedures.


  • To make sure that you simply send the cash to the proper person, confirm you recognize the right email address. If you send it to the incorrect email address or person, you’ll not be ready to get your a refund .
  • Several of those , and other, online payment options are hacked, so use all available security measures for your chosen service, like security locks and account change notifications.
How To Send Money Online

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