How To Send Money To Cuba

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If you reside in most countries, sending money to Cuba is not any different than the other international money transfer. This is not the case within the US, however. Although the Obama administration eased restrictions on travel and money transfers to Cuba, the Trump administration rolled those changes back and added even more restrictions in October of 2020. As long as those restrictions are in effect, it are often very difficult to send money directly from the US to Cuba—but it isn’t impossible! Aside from sending money, there are other restrictions on what proportion money you’ll send and who you’ll send it to. Below, we’ve provided answers to your commonest questions on the way to send money to Cuba.

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Can I send money to Cuba through Western Union?

As of November 23, 2020, Western Union halted its money transfer service to Cuba. Western Union states on its website that “[t]he U.S. Government recently changed the regulations for sending money to Cuba. When moving your money, we are obligated to suits all government regulations. The new rule, which was published on October 27, 2020, provided 30 days to implement the new restrictions. we’ve been working round the clock to explore every possible choice to keep our services open between the U.S. and Cuba as we recognize this is often an important channel for our customers. Unfortunately, we’ve not been ready to find an answer during this limited time-frame .”

Who am i able to send money to in Cuba?

As of March 2021, you’ll only send money to shut relatives.
But who qualifies as an in depth relative? consistent with the regulations, it includes anyone associated with you by blood, marriage, or adoption who isn’t quite 3 generations faraway from you. this suggests you’ll send money, generally, to oldsters , grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, or maybe first or second cousins.

  • Albeit someone may be a close relative, however, you cannot send money to them if they’re a prohibited member of the Cuban Communist Party , a Cuban government official, or an in depth relative of a prohibited party member or government official.

What happens if I violate US regulations?

Civil and criminal penalties for violations can add up to many dollars. If you’re found in violation of the regulations, any money or property are often seized by the United States government . additionally thereto , you would possibly face civil and criminal fines or maybe jail time.

Financial institutions are generally required to report suspected violations to the Department of the Treasury .


  • The United States government prohibits US residents and organizations from engaging in direct financial transactions with entities that have ties to the Cuban military, intelligence, or security services. you’ll review the foremost recently updated list of those restricted entities at

How To Send Money To Cuba

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