How To Send Money Using Internet Banking

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Many banks now offer customers extensive services through online banking. Common transactions, like paying bills and rent, are often completed by transferring money online. Online banking also can provide a convenient and secure alternative to cash services like cashier’s checks and money orders. Once you’ve got a web account together with your bank, it’s simply a matter of knowing the choices your bank offers for transferring money online, and which one is true for your transaction.

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How to send money online using NEFT?

Follow the steps given below to send money via NEFT. you ought to be registered for the web banking services of your bank and your bank branch should be NEFT-enabled.

  • Login to your bank’s net banking portal using your login ID and Password.
  • Now you’re required to feature a beneficiary that might be the person to whose account you would like to send the cash . to feature a beneficiary, you would like the person’s name as per his checking account , his account number and therefore the IFS Code for his bank branch. Once you are doing this and submit, your bank will verify the small print and add the beneficiary. This might take a couple of hours.
  • Once a beneficiary is added, you’ll transfer the funds to his account. attend the ‘Transfer Funds’ section of your net banking portal and choose the beneficiary. Enter the quantity you would like to transfer then submit.
  • You will get a One-Time Password (OTP) on your registered mobile number. Enter an equivalent to authenticate your fund transfer. Once verified, the quantity are going to be credited to the person within the next batch scheduled.

Preparing to Transfer Funds Online

Register for Internet banking. If you’ve got a accounting with a bank, and it offers online or mobile banking, check in for a web account if you’re not automatically registered for one. Visit your bank’s webpage and look for “online banking” or “internet banking.” Follow the instructions for fixing an account. These will vary somewhat from bank to bank, but generally they’re going to ask you to:

  • Provide an email address and/or mobile number
  • Create a username and password for your account
  • With some banks, a username and password could also be provided for you.

Sending General Transfers

Select once you would really like the transfer to travel through. By employing a dropdown menu or entering during a date and time, you’ll be prompted to pick once you want to send your money. Typically, you’ll prefer to have a transfer undergo immediately, or at a specified later date and time. In many cases, you’ll also plan to have a particular transfer be recurring (such on pay a monthly bill).

Many banks will set a transfer time of immediately or same day by default, so confirm to see and alter this if necessary.


  • The turn-around time for sending money though Internet banking varies from bank to bank and depends on the sort of transaction. Most banks will state when your transfer will undergo , but contact customer service if you are not sure.
  • Counting on your bank, there could also be limits on the quantity you’ll send within a specific period or employing a particular sort of transaction.
How To Send Money Using Internet Banking

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