How to Set Up VNC on Mac OS X

VNC is an acronym of Virtual Network Computing. You’ll use your Mac’s free VNC support to remotely connect and control your Mac over a network. You’ll even control your Mac remotely over the web.

In Mac OS X 10.5, aka Tiger, Apple introduced Screen Sharing to the Finder. While Screen Sharing appears to be built on VNC, it uses a more sophisticated authentication process that stops most generic VNC clients connecting.

To start a general VNC server on your Mac, you would like to click a few check boxes.


  1. Starting the Mac OS X 10.7 VNC Server
  2. Launch the System Preferences.
  3. Open the System Preferences
  4. Select the Sharing preferences.
  5. Navigate to the Screen Sharing preferences within the System Preferences
  6. Enable Screen Sharing within the Service list.
  7. Enable Screen Sharing within the Service list
  8. Click Computer Settings… to point out the VNC password setting.
  9. Set up your VNC server with the pc Settings sheet
  10. Enable VNC viewers may control screen with password:.
  11. Enter a strong password.
  12. Click okay to save your settings.

Your Mac is now running a VNC server and may be connected to from other computers using the quality VNC port (TCP/IP port 5900). Those connecting will got to use the password you entered in step 6.

The VNC server will start whenever you power on your Mac. If you would like to prevent the VNC server, navigate to the Sharing preferences and disable Screen Sharing.

How to Set Up VNC on Mac OS X

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