How to Share Audible Audio books with Family/Friends

The pleasure of listening is doubled if you and your friends/family share an equivalent audio books. For one thing, it saves your spending on audio book enjoyment. The second is that it allow you to stay connected together with your friends or family better in order that to find out more about one another .

As the largest audio book reseller, Audible has already offered some ways to share Audible books with friends and family. Also, some third-party firms developed great tools to simplify the sharing process too. Here i will be able to show you the highest 3 ways to try to to that.

Give an Audible File via “Send this Book” Feature to Your Friend

Audible has the most important audio book category so far from fiction to non-fiction to best sellers. If you discover some books which are too good to stay to yourself, you can simply one click to share it to your friends who have an interest in. This works well on the Audible app for Android or iOS only, not the web site page. Take the Android Audible app for instance , you can ask the steps.

  • Launch the Audible app from your Android phone. If it’s the primary time you employ it, it’ll prompt you to check in with the Audible account name and password.
  • Find the books you have already purchased from the library page, player screen or review window.
  • Click “Send this book” menu, it will show you the choice to share by “Email”, “Message” or “Whats App”.
  • Input the recipient’s contact information and press “Send”.

found out Amazon Household Sharing to Share Audible with Family

If you have the common hobbies like your relations , then it is presumably your family will enjoy taking note of an equivalent books. So why not share the audio books directly rather than buying them repeatedly? And Amazon Household Sharing will grant you this power. It supports to share video games, movies, apps, music, audio books, eBook’s and far more. a bit like the iTunes Home Sharing or Google Family Library.

Step 1. found out Amazon Household Sharing.

Go to the Manage Your Household page and login with the amazon account and password. Then you can click “Add an Adult” to ask one adult to hitch the Household. When the recipient accepts the offer, you can start to make your family library. Besides, you can add your Teens/Children to the Household too.

Step 2. Manage Your Content and Devices.

On the family library page, you can navigate to seek out all the contents like books, Audible audio books, games, music you would like . then select them and tap “Add to Library” to share them within your relations .

Step 3. Access the Shared Content.

When it’s done, your relations who on the Household sharing will find the shared contents from all the compatible apps and devices. like Kindle app, Fire tablet, Kindle Paper white, Amazon Echo and far more.


Amazon Household Sharing offers a workable thanks to share the Audible audio books to a different account. you can share as many books as you would like .
Originally, it requires a minimum of one member who has the Prime membership to enable the Amazon Family Sharing, but now you do not need that any longer .

This suggests you can use it for free of charge .The only drawback is that sometimes the shared content might not work like they do not show abreast of some devices consistent with the publish forum.

Share Audible Audio books with Anyone by Removing DRM

The “Send this Book” and “Amazon Household Sharing” methods work well to some extent, sometimes it just can’t meet our requirements. for instance , you cannot send multiple books to your friends by email or transfer them via USB. that’s because Audible audio books are in AA/AAX formats which are DRM protection. they’re impossible to play elsewhere without authorization with account and password.

So, is there differently around? Yes, sure. Many third-party companies have discovered this requirement of users to share audiobooks. So, they roll out many sorts of tools to strip DRM protection from Audible audiobooks. and switch them to common contents.

DRmare Audible Audiobook Converter for Mac/Windows may be a second to none software within the list. It doesn’t require iTunes to run and you do not need the first Audible account and password also . additionally , if you would like to form it easier to navigate the books, you’ll prefer to convert Audible to M4A/M4B. it’ll keep the intact chapters or split Audible to multiple chapters.

How to Share Audible Audio books with Family/Friends

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