How To Sign Over A Check

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A third-party check may be a personal or business make sure is signed over as payment to a different person. Signing over a check are often helpful if you’ve got a make sure was written to you, and you would like to pay somebody else with it.

The way to roll in the hay

To sign a check to a different person or to a business, verify that a bank will accept the check. If you get approval, endorse the rear of the check by signing it. Some banks require you to write down “Pay to the order of [Person’s First and Last Name]” under your signature, et al. only require the one that is depositing it to sign their name under yours. Next, provide the check thereto the person in order that they can deposit or cash the check.

Plan Before Endorsing a Check to somebody else

You’ll get to designate who you’d wish to sign your check to. This might be another person, group of individuals, or a corporation. The method of cashing or depositing a third-party check are often tricky, so it’s important to carefully plan the transaction before time.

Confirm the Person/Entity Will Accept a Signed-Over Check

Make sure to the touch base together with your choice recipient of the signed-over check and ensure that they’re willing to simply accept the check. It’s vital that both involved parties agree when moving through the method.

Make sure the Person’s/Entity’s Bank Will Accept the Check

The person or entity that you simply prefer to sign the check to will get to make sure that their bank will accept the check, as a bank isn’t obligated to try to do so. This could be confirmed before the check is endorsed to avoid causing confusion with multiple signatures.

Sign the rear of the sign-up, the highest Section of the Endorsement Area

Every check has a neighborhood on the rear that reads “Endorse Check Here.” this is often where you’ll sign your name because it appears on the front of the check. Understanding the way to properly endorse a check will create a smoother and more positive experience when signing over a check to somebody else.

Write “Pay to the Order of” and therefore the Third Party’s Name Below Your Signature

It’s important to write down the name of the person who you’re signing the check to within the endorsement area under your signature. This signals to the bank that you simply are endorsing the transfer of ownership for the check.

Give the Check to the Third Party to be Cashed

The check is now able to be deposited by your designated third party. It’s an honest idea to accompany the third party to the bank when the check is deposited to supply proof of identification.


  • You’ll not have proof of receipt of the sign-up to your checking account. Since the check was originally written to you, you’ll want to repeat the check as proof of receipt before signing it over.


  • Third-party checks are often a target for various sorts of scams, so only become a celebration during a third-party check signing with someone you recognize and trust.
How To Sign Over A Check

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