How To Spot A Fake Check

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According to the National Consumer League, a nonprofit organization that helps stop fraud and other consumer misconduct over the us and abroad, the amount one scam reported to their Fraud Center is fake checks. Fortunately, you’ll use several methods to look at checks to work out if they’re fake. It also helps to remember of common check-related scams in order that you’ll protect yourself.

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Look at the sides

Most checks that were written by a legitimate business have one edge that’s rough or perforated. Examine the edges of the check to ascertain if all sides are smooth. If they’re , it’d are printed on a computer.

Check the bank logo

Look on the front of the check for the brand of the bank where the bank account is held. If you do not see a logo, the check is probably going fake. If the brand is faded or faint, this is often probably evidence of the brand being copied from another source. This signals a fake check also .

  • If the brand seems legitimate, search for an address. you would like to see the validity of the bank address, which you’ll treat logging on to the bank’s website or calling the bank. confirm each a part of the address is correct.
  • If the check has no address or simply a PO Box, the check is probably going a fake.

Windfall scams

You’re told you won a far off lottery or received an inheritance from a relative you’ve never heard of. you would possibly get a check — that later bounces — and be asked to pay fees or foreign taxes in exchange. U.S. postal inspector Jeff Fitch says a variation on this scam may involve the scammer sending a fake check to hide fees or foreign taxes on the other hand claim they’ve overpaid and ask you to remit the difference.

Craigslist or overpayment scam

You sell something on Craigslist or a web auction site, and therefore the buyer sends you a check for a greater amount than you charged. They ask you to wire the difference back, and therefore the check you received eventually bounces.

Mystery shopper scam

Mystery, or secret, shopping may be a legitimate research job involving visits to brick-and-mortar or online stores. But if you’re being solicited for this work or receive payment beforehand , it might be a scam. you would possibly be sent a postal order or check to deposit, with instructions to spend some of cash on a secret shopping assignment then send the remaining amount back. The scam could end in you sending money to the scammer before you discover out that the check they sent you was a fake.

Check number

If there is no check number at the upper right-hand corner, or the amount doesn’t match the check number within the MICR line, you’ve a counterfeit.


Usually it’s but $5,000 because federal rules require that deposits of that size be made available to you within five days. this will trick you into thinking that the check has cleared. Deposits of $5,000 or more are subject to longer holding periods.


Stains or gaps around signatures, a digitized appearance, or many up and down pen strokes indicate the payer’s John Hancock was printed from a scanned original or was forged.

How To Spot A Fake Check

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