How To Start A Bowling Alley

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Bowling is considered a wholesome, family-friendly activity. This could help make a bowling alley an excellent investment opportunity for people looking to generate a year-round profit. You can start a bowling alley by following a few simple steps.

What are the costs involved in opening a bowling alley?

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As is the case with most businesses, location is key to success. For a bowling alley, a large amount of space is needed, just for the lanes and bowling equipment alone. Adding additional services and features will take careful planning and facility management. Building from the ground up will add to overall costs considerably. Finding an existing alley or structure to renovate will save some. Franchising is also a great option, as the planning and building will be a process between you and an experienced team.

What are the ongoing expenses for a bowling alley?

Regular maintenance of the alleys, balls, shoes, and machinery, as well as any other entertainment systems on site, will be your primary expense. Factor in food and beverage costs, if that is part of your operation. These costs will fluctuate, depending on the business size and scope, but $3,500 to $5,000 is a fair estimate for monthly expenses. Payroll costs vary, depending upon the area and how many employees you have on staff.

Decide what other sources of entertainment will be provided at your bowling alley

Arcade games, bowling shops, taverns and concession stands are all popular choices for inclusion to increase revenue.

Consider the possibility of serving alcohol in your bowling alley. You will have to obtain a liquor license, but serving alcohol has the potential to increase your revenue.


  • When you start a bowling alley, your insurance company may require that a specific number of your employees are trained in emergency first aid treatment. Check with the company before you start hiring to ensure that you meet all requirements.
  • When you decide to start a bowling alley, you will need to contact your local business regulation office to find out if there are any special licenses or permits required.
How To Start A Bowling Alley

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