How To Start A Collection Agency Business

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If you’re curious about finance and/ or have experience in billing or debt collection, you’ll be considering starting your own debt collection business. A debt collector charges another company some pre-established percentage of the outstanding debts owed by the business’s clients. Debt collectors serve many industries including doctors and hospitals, banks, Mastercard companies, retail stores, and government offices. By taking the time to work out your ability to run a successful collection agency, then thoughtfully fixing your company, you’ll start earning money as a debt collector.

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Who is that the target market?

Any business that sells to other businesses or individuals by extending credit will have its share of non-collectable debt. The company’s own credit department could be overextended or not adept at collecting challenging debt, and that’s when a set agency like yours gets the decision .

What are the continued expenses for a debt collection agency?

Phone, Internet and transportation are generally your main ongoing obligations. You’ll also get to make enough or have enough in savings to satisfy your day-to-day financial demands until your business is in a position to interrupt even.

Establishing Your Debt Collection Agency

Write short- and long-term business plans. Write out detailed short- and long- term plans to guide your collection agency. This is often important to assist develop your business and accommodate for any contingency like an illness or a lawsuit. it’s going to even be important to point out to any local authorities or finances.

Be as detailed in your plan as possible, considering every aspect of being a set agency. List owner and any employees’ responsibilities. Create a working list of services and costs that you simply can tailor to demand. Finally, confirm to calculate any costs you’ll need to combat for supplies and payroll.

Building Your Business

Choose fee structure. Found out fee structure for your services. You’ll collect a commission for the quantity of debt recovered, or buy debt outright and collecting the whole amount. Knowing what proportion you would like to charge beforehand can cause you to appear more professional once you meet with potential clients.

  • If you opt to shop for debt outright, you’ll make money supported what you purchased the debt versus what proportion you get over the debtor.


  • Analyze your training, education and knowledge before starting a debt collection business. A degree or certificate in finance or business is useful in establishing credibility as a debt collector. Experience in collections will attract customers and prepare you for the work.
How To Start A Collection Agency Business

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