How To Start A Drug Testing Service

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If you would like to be a neighborhood of an industry that’s in increasing demand, learning the way to start a drug testing service offers you a viable business opportunity. With more and more companies adopting a sober policy to stay their absence and theft rates low, the demand for drug testing services is on the increase . Depending on where you reside , the principles and regulations for starting a drug testing company may vary, and therefore the success of your drug testing service depends on both your compliance with these rules and your management skills. Read the steps below to seek out the way to start a drug testing service.

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Drug testing

A drug-testing franchise operates as other franchises do. You’re probably conversant in the concept, and you’re likely a customer of a franchise or two yourself. Jimmy John’s sandwiches, Hampton by Hilton, Supercuts, Servpro, Subway, McDonald’s, and Ace Hardware are all franchises, and that they all have recognizable names.

Business Opportunity

A business opportunity is somewhere between a franchise and self-starting your own business.

When you choose the business opportunity route, you purchase an existing business. You don’t necessarily operate under a name , although you’ll use the prevailing company’s name if you would like to. You’ll be found out to urge started once you buy a business opportunity, but you’re then on your own. There’s no corporation to offer you ongoing help, but there are not any ongoing royalty fees to pay, either.

Choose your location, if appropriate

Confirm it’s multiple cubicles for client privacy.

If you’re running a mobile drug testing service, confirm you’ve got a vehicle that’s large enough to hold your equipment, like a minivan or SUV.

Buy equipment

The foremost basic equipment consists of specimen drug test kits, except for a more elaborate service, you will need specialized laboratory equipment. You’ll also need an honest computer to stay records of each client.

Purchase insurance

  • Drug tests are often contested, and insurance will cover your legal costs within the event that you’re sued.
How To Start A Drug Testing Service

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