How To Start A Greeting Card Business

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If you’re into design and graphics, and like to make your own greeting cards, starting your own card company might be an excellent thanks to supplement your income or start a full time business. There are a few of the way to urge started. One is to form cards directly for companies who hire freelance graphic designers. Another is to start out your own card company and sell products to companies or on to customers. Some designers prefer to do a mixture of the 2 while they build their business.

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What are the prices involved in opening a card business?

Startup costs are low, sitting at between $2,000 and $10,000. A card business is often operated part-time, and it also can be operated online.

What are the continued expenses for a card business?

Ongoing prices include raw paper materials, which amount to roughly $0.25 per card. You will, however, got to source artist prints. Counting on a card’s artistic complexity, a print commission can cost between $5 and $200. Designs, diversified as they’re , widely vary in price.

Starting Your Own Card Line

greeting card business

Define your market. Who are you trying to sell to? What audience does one want to target? As you design a line of cards, remember that you simply want designs and messages that appeal to those audiences.

  • Find your niche. Believe how you’ll differentiate yourself from other cards out there. Your niche is a component of your larger brand. If you concentrate on a particular sort of message (funny, cute, crude), you’ll find it difficult to diversify as your name becomes related to that style.

Found out your company

ask an attorney or accountant about fixing and structuring your company. There are tons of monetary and legal considerations that enter a replacement business, and you do not want to urge in trouble because you missed something important.

  • Government , including states, counties, and towns, have additional licensing requirements for brand spanking new businesses. Confirm you contact local governments to find out those requirements, and to form sure you’ve got all proper forms.
  • Confirm you’re paying the right taxes. Apply to the IRS for a tax number , which you’ll use on the various tax-filing forms your new business will need.


Differently, to figure independently for a card company is as a reseller or route representative. You would not design cards, but will work as a vendor or stock card stores and other stores. It is often an honest thanks to learn more about the market while running your own business.
Be prepared to simply accept returns. Sometimes people or businesses just don’t look after what they buy. You do not got to provide a full refund, but perhaps allow customers to exchange one card for an additional .

How To Start A Greeting Card Business

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