How To Start A Pawn Shop

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Pawn shops fill a requirement for quick and convenient loans for people that don’t need to, or do not have the time, to use for loans from their banks. The most business of a pawn shop is to supply short-term credit with high interest rates against pledged goods, but they also buy and re-sell goods from people that want quick cash. Starting a pawn shop requires you to satisfy all the stringent requirements for a pawn shop license, including proven experience, a criminal background check and a credit check.

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What are the prices involved in opening a pawn shop?

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It is possible to open a pawn to buy as little as $10,000 dollars, but most cost far more . Since pawn shops make most of their take advantage of providing loans to customers, possible income is restricted by the quantity of cash available to loan out, so it is sensible to possess a big amount of capital before opening a pawn shop.

Applying for Permits and Licenses

Apply for a pawn shop license. You will need to submit a pawn form to the non-depository division of the Department of monetary Institutions in your state or country. You will need to incorporate a private affidavit, employment history, credit check, criminal background check, fingerprints taken at your local department , and financial statements listing your assets and net worth.

  • You’ll also get to pay an application fee starting from $1,500 to $2,000 per shop.

Setting Up Your Shop

Hire an attorney experienced in consumer law to draw up customer contracts. These should include the sum, rate of interest and duration of a loan, also as what the procedure is within the event an item is broken or lost. Define what is going to happen if the loan isn’t paid back by the maturity .

Open and advertise your pawn shop

Develop an internet site using templates you’ll find online for free of charge , or use a service like WordPress that starts at about $70. Develop a Facebook page for your business and update it frequently, featuring new items you’ve got purchasable . Post ads in your local newspaper, especially after you initially open.

  • Consider having a grand opening with door prizes or discount coupons. Advertise the opening in newspapers, radio stations, Facebook, signage at bus stops and on your website.
How To Start A Pawn Shop

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