How To Start A Thrift Store

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Regardless of economic climate, resale shops, also called thrift stores, are often a well-liked choice with shoppers. The clientele can encompass everyone from families on limited budgets to collectibles dealers checking out their next great treasure. If you’re curious about a fun and potentially profitable thanks to make a living, you’ll start a thrift store business by following some basic steps.

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What is a Thrift Store?

Thrift store

A thrift store is simply an area you sell used items, so it’s something you’re probably already conversant in and have probably shopped at a couple of yourself. There are differing types of thrift stores, but the basic idea is that the same.

  • Non-profit thrift stores are operated by charity organizations just like the Salvation Army or Goodwill to fund their missions.
  • Consignment shops are thrift shops where people bring their used items to sell, then split the cash with the shop owner.

Research and find your niche

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If you’ve ever been to a thrift store, you recognize it are often pretty overwhelming. Clothes crammed onto racks, boxes of knick-knacks on the floor… you’ve got to sift through tons of junk to seek out an item you wish .

You want your online thrift store to offer a really different experience. To try to this, you would like to stay in mind the thought of offering a curated selection of things . this is often where you’re adding value for your customers; your ablation the ‘sifting’ stage, and bringing the products they need directly.

Create your brand

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Now you’ve got a thought of what you would like to sell, it’s time to place some thought into your brand. This isn’t just your name and logo, although that’s certainly a part of it – on top of that, you’ll want to place some real thought into your vibe, and your audience .


  • Adding a gap day discount coupon to your marketing postcards may be a good way to draw shoppers to your grand opening.
  • Before you begin a thrift store, confirm that you simply have enough capital to hide the daily expenses for the primary 2 years. This may allow your thrift store the chance to get a profit.
How To Start A Thrift Store

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