How To Start An Answering Service

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Starting an answering service are often a comparatively inexpensive thanks to start a home business. With a couple of companies on board and a telephone for every operation, you’ll earn income by providing a service to customers. You’ll establish your own business by answering phones and recording messages for every company. Follow these steps to find out the way to start an answering service.

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Register the Business

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Making yourself attractive to potential clients means legitimizing your business. Register the corporate with the Secretary of State, unless you propose on maintaining the business as a sole proprietor, during which case register your business name with the county clerk. Then obtain a tax number from the IRS. Ask your state tax board and your local chamber of commerce association about any local permits and business licensing you would possibly need, as these vary widely across cities and states. Consult your accountant to ascertain the way to deduct your headquarters on your income tax return – either a private or business return, counting on your business structure.

Budget the Setup

High-speed computers and phones are required for a home answering service company. Invest during a decent client retention management software program also , one which will link specific incoming involves one business to the pc database and knowledge for that company. Counting on the amount of lines and level of technology, expect your start-up costs to range from $2,000 to $10,000.

Invest in phones and phone lines

Start small, because you are doing not want too many lines and not enough clients to fill them. Search for a phone that features the power to transfer back and forth from 1 line to a different, so you’ll answer and take messages for various clients from one location. Your telephone system should also accommodate several mailboxes to catch messages for calls that are available once you cannot answer them.

Set your work hours and work accordingly

Be concise in every message, and confirm to incorporate any important details the caller wishes to convey to your client. Send the messages to the client via email or fax. Allow the client to settle on the agreed-upon method for receiving messages.


  • As your business expands, secure office space and hire employees to answer phones once you aren’t available. Eventually, you’ll be ready to run an answering service that’s open all hours of the day for various companies. Once you reach now , you’ll get to consider employment applications, background checks, and drug testing.
  • Try to not schedule yourself quite 12 hours each day , no matter what percentage of businesses you’re helping, unless you’ve got a support staff to help you.
How To Start An Answering Service

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