How To Start An Engraving Business

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Engraving businesses personalize and decorate items for people and companies. It does not require formal training and startup is relatively inexpensive compared to other businesses. Develop a business plan, learn how to engrave, and buy your equipment to get started. Most engravers use a laser system that is linked to computer software. If you can use a computer, follow instructions and use some creativity, you will be able to start your own business.

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What is Laser Engraving?

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Laser engraving is a method of using lasers to engrave and mark on an object’s surface, especially for designing purposes. The process requires highly powerful laser engraving machines.

Laser not only cuts through metals but also capable of handling delicate medical surgeries that are undeniably a revolutionary contribution. Laser technology is used in many fields like aerospace, automotive, 3D scanning, heat treatment, medical devices, military and defense, media storage and access, optical storage, etc. The laser’s trajectory is implemented by computer software that is followed by a 2D image file of the design.

Getting Equipment

Purchase a laser system. A laser system will cost between $8,000 and $45,000 dollars depending on the wattage and engraving area of the laser. Your system should be at least 25 watts. Buy a laser that fits the needs of your business. Before you purchase a laser, ask yourself some questions:

  • What size pieces will you be working with?
  • What materials will you be working with? A 25 watt laser will cut most materials. However, if you are cutting materials like wood or rubber, you may want more wattage because it will take you a long time. The higher the wattage, the faster you will be able to cut.

Marketing Your Business

Develop your samples. Engraving is a visual business, and people need to see examples of your work. You may have a signature item such as business cards. This is something that you can mass produce and send to prospective customers.

Send a letter introducing your business and samples of your work. Send this to your family, friends, or companies that you would like to get business from.

Develop advertising materials

Build a website and make flyers and business cards. Your website should have information about your business, photos of your work, pricing information, and an online order form. Distribute your flyers at trade shows, local commerce meetings, and to your friends and family.

  • Direct mailing to potential customers is also a great way to gain new customers. Make sure that any advertisement that you develop has examples of your work.
How To Start An Engraving Business

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