How To Start An Independent Movie Production Company

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Independent movie production companies are production companies that operate without a studio or distribution contract or budget. Most ordinarily , indie movies are made with a budget of $1 to $100,000, but it’s rare to ascertain an indie movie that has been made for over $100,000. Independent production companies are usually travel by one to 10 people, counting on the budget. Most indie filmmakers have their own production company, but add affiliation with other indie companies to urge their work completed.

What are the prices involved in opening a movie production company?

Film Production Company

Workspace: up to $10,000 or more per annum . As a start-up, you would possibly be ready to conduct business during a spare bedroom or your garage. As your team grows, and you would like space to store more equipment and kit , you’ll quickly outgrow your home. You won’t often conduct business meetings here with investors, so it doesn’t need to be quite an area that’s safe, secure and spacious enough to use comfortably.

What are the continued expenses for a movie production company?

Your expenses will grow as your business grows. If you’re good at budgeting your expenses for production, you’ll be ready to combat more projects as funding grows. Your largest overhead costs will likely be renting office space and paying your employees. Most of your other expenditures are going to be on a per-project or per-assignment basis.

Creating your production company’s profile

Come up with a reputation for your production company. Choose something that’s easy to recollect but also stands out from the gang, like, “Beauty and therefore the Geek Productions” or “Lovable Varmint Productions”. Search around on the web to form sure you are not infringing on copyright laws. Yes, even movie production companies have a trademark or copyright on their name to secure it in order that nobody else will use it.

Getting started with the films

Learn by doing. If you are doing not skills a movie set is run, shop around your local area and see if you’ll be a Production Assistant on set and learn by total immersion. Some cities have filmmaker meet groups that help connect you with people that can answer your questions and put you in touch with people that need extra hands on set.


  • Books are a helpful tool, alongside the web . The foremost helpful book you’ll read is “How to form A Movie For Under $10,000: And Not attend Jail” by Bret Stern.
  • Attempt to get a task as an additional on a serious movie set to ascertain how things are run, then get a task as an additional on an indie movie and compare how different and diverse the 2 worlds are.
  • Work on pitching your ideas to family and friends, once you’re satisfied together with your pitch, pitch it to a producer, director or writer and see what comes out of it.
  • Network, network, network. it is the best thanks to meet people, important people too.
  • Have a lot of daring ambition and a “take-no-prisoners” attitude.


  • Being within the film industry may be a tough business. You’ve to possess thick-skin and not be afraid to require (often unwarranted) criticism.
  • Film making is stressful. It’s important to recollect that movies are a visible art and take time, passion and patience.
  • Simply because you’ve put tons of your time and energy into making your films and building your production company doesn’t suggest you will be seen by LA or NYC producers. You’ve got to require the time to “shop” your film around. it’s always best to form a movie you’re most hooked in to . The more passionate you’re about it, the more passionate people are going to be about it and potentially the more passionate they’re going to be to take a position of money into future projects.
How To Start An Independent Movie Production Company

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