How To Start Your Own Custom Design Furniture Business

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Knowing how to start your own custom design furniture business is essential to any furniture designer wanting to sell his or her own designs. No matter whether you have a degree in Furniture Design and Manufacturing or have taught yourself how to design and manufacture unique pieces, if you have a good eye for what customers want and can tailor your designs to their needs, you have the foundation for starting your own custom design furniture business. However, besides being a skilled furniture designer and manufacturer, you’ll also need to know how to manage a business in order to make your start-up profitable, so read the following steps to avoid any beginner’s mistakes.

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Write a business plan

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As an entrepreneur, you need to invest time in writing a business plan that provides you with a roadmap to success. Even if you see yourself more as an artist, you still need to devote time to business practices such as defining marketing strategies, developing financial projections and eventually considering expansion. It also defines your business structure, such as a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation, which is essential for tax ramifications.

Find your niche

You need to decide what kind of furniture you’re going to make. Whether it’s home upholstering, office furniture or kitchen cabinetry, you need to specify the materials you’re going to use, such as wood, metal, bamboo, and other suitable materials. This comes hand in hand with identifying your market. At the same time, you should decide whether you’re going to sell locally or expand to a broader market. A market analysis can assess the demand for your type of furniture, as well as identify competitors and their palette.

Marketing Your Furniture

Create a website. Even if you don’t sell your furniture online, you should have a high-quality website to showcase your work. Invest in a web designer to make your website look professional. Update your website regularly with new pieces. Consider adding a blog page with posts about project updates, your design process and tips for shoppers. Have a professional photographer photograph your work and post these images on your website. The better your photographs are, the more appealing your work will be to prospective customers.

Incorporating the Fundamentals of Furniture Design

Find inspiration for your designs. Inspiration comes from many places. For example, the natural world is full of shadows, forms and silhouettes that can turn into the basis of shape, line and colors for your design. Also, everyday items such windows, food or buildings can inspire ideas for cabinetry, table legs and other furniture elements. Of course, be always inspired by the needs of your customers. Consider how the furniture will be used when determining materials and structure. Also, think about the design aesthetic of your brand. For example, your design style can be contemporary, traditional, country or Victorian.

How To Start Your Own Custom Design Furniture Business

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