How To Stay Safe At An ATM

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If you’re like most of the people , you recognize the way to use an ATM and luxuriate in the convenience such cash machines offer. Unfortunately, ATMs are a standard target for tech-savvy thieves, which is why you would like to guard your PIN and other personal information while conducting a transaction. you’ll also got to protect your dispensed cash and yourself from more aggressive robbers. Always remember, however, that no stack of money is worth risking bodily injury or worse.

Choosing a Safer ATM

Ideally, there should be many people around and enough light for everybody to ascertain you. Don’t use an ATM during a deserted location. it’d be lit, but if you’re robbed or hurt, nobody are going to be around to assist you.

Conducting Your Transaction Safely

Memorize your personal identification number . Never write down your personal identification number on a bit of paper, or your hand, or anything . Memorize it in order that once you attend an ATM, people won’t attempt to sneak a peek at your PIN (or even steal your card) while you are looking at the numbers.

  • Make your PIN something you’ll remember, but not something obvious like your year of birth, house number, or — worst of all — “1234.”

Dealing with a Physical Threat

Defend yourself as a final resort. Unfortunately, some bad guys could also be bent harming you also as robbing you. If, and as long as , you’re confident that your safety may be a risk no matter whether you hand over your cash, defend yourself. Don’t worry about “fighting fair” — choose sensitive areas just like the eyes, throat, groin, and knees.

  • If you’ll incapacitate your attacker for just a flash , run away immediately, albeit you want to leave your cash behind.
  • search for self-defense or martial arts classes in your area so you’ll be better prepared.

Bring someone with you when using an ATM

If you cannot find a buddy, use an ATM that’s located during a public area sort of a convenience or grocery . This way, store personnel are there to assist and you will have the video surveillance from both the shop and therefore the bank.

Have your open-end credit able to go as you approach the ATM

If you would like to look through your purse or wallet, you’ll give criminals more of an opportunity to catch you off guard.

Check the ATM for a card skimmer

A card skimmer may be a device attached to the payment terminal of an ATM that’s wont to steal your card information when inserting your card to withdraw money. you’ll often spot a card skimmer together with your own inspection. If the cardboard reader slot feels loose or is oddly a special colour scheme than the bank’s branding, or the keyboard doesn’t feel right (too thick, buttons don’t press easily, etc.), these are often signs that a skimmer is in situ .

How To Stay Safe At An ATM

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