How to Temporarily Lift a Security Freeze at Experian

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A security freeze may be a great way to guard your identity. Security freezes prevent new lenders from seeing or adding information to your credit report. This stops identity thieves in their tracks because they can’t open new accounts in your name if the lender cannot access your credit report. However, it also prevents you from opening new accounts. Luckily, you’ll temporarily lift your credit freeze in order that it’s only open once you decide to apply for a replacement line of credit. This text will tell you ways to temporarily lift your security freeze with Experian. If you’re getting to apply for a replacement line of credit, and therefore the lender you’re applying with uses Experian to see your credit, then this text is for you.

What Is a Credit Report Freeze?

Each time you apply for credit of some sort, the creditor will pull a credit report against you to urge an accurate picture of your credit history. They need to understand what your FICO score is and if you’ve got a nasty or good habit of paying all of your bills on time. When the credit check is formed, it can hit one or all three primary credit bureaus (for US residents).

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • TransUnion

When your credit reports are unfrozen, anyone with access to your personal information (both good and bad guys…) can request credit on your behalf. This is often primarily how fraud occurs — a nasty actor pretends to be you and applies for a replacement source of credit sort of a MasterCard. Because they need all of your personal information, including Name, Address, Social Security Number, and address , the three credit bureaus will review your credit file and approve the credit request supported your current rating.

Enter your email address into the e-mail address boxes

This may allow you to urge faster delivery of the receipt. If you are doing not enter your email address, then your receipt are going to be sent by mail.

Provide your PIN

If you recognize your PIN, then select yes next to “Do you remember your personal number (PIN)?”, and sort it in. If you are doing not remember your PIN, then leave it at no, and you’ll need to recover it with the Request your PIN tool.

Your personal identification number should be within the letter or email that you received once you first requested a security freeze.

Select the dates once you want your security freeze lifted

A calendar will crop up that you simply can use to pick the dates. Provide the date that you simply want the safety freeze to be removed, then the date that you simply want it to be replaced into place.

Verify that the safety Freeze was removed

You ought to be taken to a page that says that your security freeze was removed. If you encounter any errors, then check to form sure that you simply entered all of your data in correctly.


  • Experian’s computer systems are pretty finicky and buggy. If you get a mistake message, then attempt to call 1-714-830-7000, and press 2 to mention that you simply are a business when the prompt comes up.
  • If you do not have already got a security freeze, it is a good idea to urge one. Security freezes help prevent fraud. If you’re wondering the way to add a security freeze, then inspect the way to Freeze Your Credit.
  • If you cannot get the website to figure, then you’ll call Experian at 1-888-EXPERIAN (1-888-397-3742).


  • You ought to not need to pay to lift a credit freeze. If someone asks you to pay to lift a freeze, you’re being scammed.
  • It can take up to at least one hour for a security freeze to be removed.
  • Don’t remove a security freeze for somebody else. This is often illegal, and it could land you in jail for fraud. If someone needs your help removing their security freeze, confirm they’re with you before you are doing so.
  • If you think that that your freeze isn’t being lifted properly, then you’ll file a complaint here.
How to Temporarily Lift a Security Freeze at Experian

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