How To Trace A Money Order

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Money orders are almost like checks, therein you specify who can cash them. they’re useful if you do not have a bank account , or if you do not want your personal information or checking account details accessible. Like checks, money orders are often sent through the mail, which involves some uncertainty. Luckily, organizations that provide money orders also provide services to trace the status of these money orders. However, the usefulness and costs of those services vary between issuers and depend upon whether or not you’ve got your original receipt.

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Tracing a postal order with a Receipt

Be sure that you simply have the right receipt. so as to trace your postal order , you will have to possess the right receipt; that’s , you will need the one with the serial number or receipt number of the cash order thereon . For USPS money orders, this may be the stub on the side of the order. For Western Union orders, this may be rock bottom portion.

Some resellers (convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.) may provide you with a further receipt that doesn’t show the specified numbers. this is often not the receipt that you simply need.

Tracing a postal order Without a Receipt

Check if you’ll trace the cash order without a receipt. While most banks and issuers will allow you to trace your postal order without a receipt, some won’t . for instance , if you’ve got lost your receipt for a USPS postal order and need to trace it, read no further. USPS doesn’t allow tracing of any postal order without a receipt. Call your issuer’s customer service number (easily found on their website) to ascertain if they will trace a postal order without a receipt.

Tracing a postal order Without a Receipt

File for replacement or compensation if the cash order is found to be lost or stolen. counting on the issuer and therefore the materials you’ll provide, this will be either a simple or a time-consuming process.

  • If the cash order is found and has not been cashed, Western Union will either refund your money or replace the cash order.
  • For MoneyGram money orders, expect that, if the cash order has not been cashed, the complete amount are going to be refunded to you within 30 to 65 days of filing the right paperwork. If the cash order has been cashed, though, you’ll only receive a photocopy of the cashed postal order .


  • If the cash order has not been cashed yet and you continue to have suspicions that it’s lost or stolen, ask the issuer of the cash order to place a order order on the cash order. Oftentimes this may require a further fee and may take up to 24 hours. Once the order order has been successfully executed, the issuer will issue a replacement postal order within the same dollar amount because the original.
  • Most issuers of cash orders require that you simply wait a predetermined amount of your time before tracing a postal order . Some issuers would require you to attend as long as 30 days.
How To Trace A Money Order

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