How To Track A MoneyGram Money Order

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MoneyGram may be a convenient thanks to transfer money between two parties. An individual can send or receive funds through MoneyGram face to face via agents at locations round the world, via account transfers, standard mail, and through online portals. Keeping track of the cash order from the sender and/or receiver end is a crucial function for security and peace of mind.

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How postal order Tracking Works

Unlike personal checks, money orders aren’t directly linked to your personal bank account—you often buy them with cash (though some places will accept a debit card). If you pay with cash, you will not see any evidence of the cash order clearing in your bank transaction history.

Tracking because the Receiver

Use the “Track a Transfer” function for online orders. The sender should have given you the reference number.

  • This may enable you to ascertain the status of the transfer without having an account on MoneyGram.
  • You’ll got to enter your surname , then click “Track Transfer” to urge a result.

Requesting Information on an Older postal order

Contact MoneyGram representatives if you would like more details. The historical transactions will only contain basic information. If you would like copies of signatures, hard copies of receipts, and more information on senders and receivers then you’ll need to invite a “subpoena.”

  • Historical reports show the names of senders and receivers, submission and cashing dates of orders, order amounts, fee amounts, and reference numbers.
  • If you would like to urge details like duplicates of signatures, physical receipts, and addresses then you would like to ask MoneyGram representatives for instructions. Use the most contact form during this case.


  • Retain the first postal order submission stub (purchaser’s receipt)
  • Write legibly on all forms.
  • Submit one claim per postal order .
  • It’s up to the purchaser of the cash order to submit claims on lost orders.
  • Confirm you’ve got proper identification and reference numbers when asking about or learning money orders.
  • Historical information requests usually take 10 days, though third-party requests with Power of Attorney can take 2-3 weeks longer.


  • MoneyGram retains records for 10 years.
  • confine mind that neglecting to incorporate copies of receipts and order numbers may delay claim(s) processing.
  • If you fail to submit the processing fee for claims, it’ll be taken out of the refunded postal order .
  • If you would like a historical request for a MoneyGram order and legally represent the sender and/or recipient then you’ll got to submit an influence of Attorney authorization with the request form.
  • Financial institutions can delay processing money orders for each day or more thanks to internal policy or currency conversion.
How To Track A MoneyGram Money Order

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