How to Transfer a Money Order to a Prepaid Credit Card Online

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Prepaid credit cards are an increasingly popular method of paying bills and managing money. There are several ways to load money onto these cards, including direct deposit of your paycheck and using cash at approved locations. For increased convenience, you’ll also use mobile apps to load a check or postal order onto your card electronically, and have the cash available in only a couple of minutes.

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Choosing a Prepaid Card

Decide what the aim of this card is. Prepaid credit cards serve a spread of purposes, counting on what the user’s need is. Some people use them if they need bad credit and do not qualify for a mastercard , while others use them to show teenagers fiscal responsibility. By deciding your purpose for the cardboard , you’ll come to a far better conclusion of which card to settle on .

Loading a postal order onto Your Card

Download a mobile banking app. Some apps allow you to photograph checks and money orders and cargo them onto your prepaid card. you will need this ability to electronically load money orders to your card. look for one among these apps within the app store and download it onto your smartphone.

The Ingo app is that the hottest of those apps. It are often linked to most of the main prepaid cards.

Use the cardboard and reload it as required

Send other money orders to the prepaid service or drop it off at a retail location if they need one, like Western Union. this is often a faster thanks to get access to your cash without expecting the mail delay. Once you’ve got the cardboard , rather than requesting money orders through these companies, directly load your card rather than issuing the cash order. this manner when people send you money, you not got to transfer anything and it can all be done online with ease.

Photograph the cash order

With a mobile app, you’ll photograph checks and money orders to instantly load them onto your card.

  • Lay the cash order on a flat, well-lit surface.
  • Line up the cash order together with your smartphone camera. Then photograph the front and back of it.
  • Submit the photo.
How to Transfer a Money Order to a Prepaid Credit Card Online

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