How To Transfer Euros To A US Bank Account

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Sending Euros to a U.S. checking account looks like a difficult process, but it’s very easy once you start . You’ll transfer the funds directly through your bank, but often that leads to paying higher fees. Luckily, you’ll also prefer to use an alternate method to transfer the funds, otherwise you can use a wire transfer. When unsure, there are several ways to work out which transfer option is that the best for you.

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Transferring Money Through Your Bank

Log into your online banking profile. Sending the funds online is that the easiest method to transfer funds through a bank, but you’ll got to have a web banking profile to try to to it. If you don’t have already got one, you’ll found out this feature on your account by visiting a branch of your bank.

  • As an alternate , you’ll make the transfer face to face at a bank branch.
  • You’ll also try depositing the funds employing a check written on the account your Euros are in, but many U.S. banks will refuse to process foreign checks. If they are doing process it, they typically charge hefty fees.

Using Alternative Transfer Options

Use PayPal if both parties have accounts. If you both have registered PayPal accounts with a verified checking account , then you’ll send money by clicking on “Send and Request.” Select the choice to “Send Money to Friends and Family,” then enter the name, email address, and telephone number of the recipient. Enter the quantity you would like to send Euros, and PayPal will convert the funds to U.S. dollars once they are deposited into the bank.

PayPal charges a fee for this service, and it are often above other transfer options. they’re going to charge both a flat fee and a percentage of the quantity sent.

Sending Money Through a Wire Transfer

Pay your total, which incorporates the funds and therefore the fees. you’ll pay together with your checking account or a credit or open-end credit . If you enter person, you’ll also use cash.

  • Currently, fees start out between 1.00 EUR and 1.90 EUR for Western Union online transfers. Fees increase because the amount sent increases.
  • Fees are usually higher once you transfer funds face to face .

Choosing the simplest Transfer Option

Check the arrival date. How long the transfer will take can vary, so it’s an honest idea to see this when choosing how you’ll transfer the cash . If you would like the funds within the U.S. quickly, you would possibly want to pay more to urge the funds there on time.


  • If you’re sending an outsized amount and time isn’t a problem , it’s an honest idea to send alittle quantity first to form sure the transfer goes smoothly.
How To Transfer Euros To A US Bank Account

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