How To Transfer Money With Western Union

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Western Union may be a wire transfer service that permits you to quickly transfer money everywhere the world . While it’s not without risks, it’s a reliable thanks to get money to friends and family almost anywhere within the world. Follow this guide to form sure your money gets to where it must go.

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Sending Money

Send money through the Western Union website. Click the Send Money link on the Western Union homepage. Select Send Online. Fill out the shape , and choose how you would like to pay. you’ll either send the cash with a credit or open-end credit , or together with your checking account . The recipient can either devour cash at a Western Union branch, or have the cash deposited into a checking account .

  • Using your mastercard may end in a cash-advance fee imposed by the cardboard issuer.
  • you’ll got to create a Western Union account to use the web transfer service.
  • Fees vary counting on what payment method you select , where you’re sending money from, and where you’re sending it to.
  • Save the MTCN number. this is often the tracking code and therefore the recipient will got to give this when receiving money.

Receiving Money

Pick your money up from an area branch. If you’re receiving your money face to face , you’ll visit your local Western Union to select it up. you’ll need the MTCN number and a photograph ID with a reputation that matches the recipient exactly.

  • You’ll locate the closest Western Union location on their website.


  • Special promotions may reduce fees to send certain monetary amounts to and from certain locations or countries.
  • Fees will vary supported the quantity of cash you’re sending, where you’re sending it to, and the way you’re sending it. for instance , it’s cheapest to send and receive money using the Western Union website or their app.
  • Transferring money with Western Union is usually the smallest amount expensive when transferring alittle amount of cash to someone within the same country. Fees are higher when currency must be exchanged for the cash transfer. you’ll estimate exchange fees on the Western Union website before sending money.


  • Always make certain of who you’re sending money to.
  • Always verify that any communications received regarding your activity with Western Union are actually from Western Union.
  • Never disclose your activity to someone you do not trust.
  • Not all services are available in the least agent locations, and not all countries will allow every method of sending money.
How To Transfer Money With Western Union

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