How To Transfer Travel Reward Points To Another Program

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Many Mastercard companies and airline loyalty programs offer travelers the prospect to earn reward points and transfer them into discounted airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel stays. Some programs will allow you to send your points to a different travel program. If you’re frequently on the go, participating in these programs could also be an excellent thanks to economize . Before you redeem your travel points, review the small print of your program contract. Each program has different terms and conditions for accruing, using, and transferring points. Understanding your redemption choices and knowing the way to transfer your travel points can assist you select the simplest option for you.

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What are Transferable Points Programs

Transferable points programs allow customers to earn mastercard points when using certain credit cards, and people points are often transferred to any of their participating programs. So rather than just having points with one airline or hotel, you’ll transfer points to many different ones.

Transferring Travel Reward or Loyalty Points

concentrate to transfer fees. some extent transfer fee could also be applied once you transfer your points to a different program. These fees vary from program to program, and a few don’t charge a fee in the least . for instance , you’ll be charged up to $30 dollars to transfer points from an American Express card to their partnered airline. Before the transaction is completed, you’ll have an opportunity to review and comply with a transfer fee.

Review your contract or ask a representative online or over the phone to ascertain if you’ll be required to pay a transfer fee.

Considering Your Transfer Options

Send your mastercard points to an airline program. Some mastercard programs will allow you to transfer your earned, but not redeemed, mastercard points to an airline loyalty program. for several credit cards, you’ll earn 1 mile for 1 mastercard point. Some cards, like American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards, offer same-day or 24-hour transfers. Other programs may take up to every week .

  • To extend your chances of earning a free airline ticket, save your mastercard points and send them to the airline program of your choice.

Collecting Transferable Travel Loyalty Points

Enroll during a rider-rewards program. Rider programs offer perks and discounts to reward frequent travelers and to attract new customers. If you regularly take a train or a transit line , check to ascertain if that company or organization features a loyalty program.

The Amtrak Guest Rewards program allows you to transfer your points collected by using Amtrak train services. You’ll transfer these points to rewards programs with their hotel partners, Hilton, La Quinta, and Wyndham, or exchange them for United Airlines miles.

How To Transfer Travel Reward Points To Another Program

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