How To Unlock A Credit Freeze

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Whether you were a victim of fraud or simply concerned about news of knowledge breaches, you’ll have decided to put a security freeze on your credit reports. The freeze prevents anyone from accessing your report. However, sometimes this lack of access are often more of a curse than a blessing. If you would like to grant someone access to your credit report, you’ll lift a freeze temporarily or request a PIN for one lender. If you’ve decided you not need the freeze, you’ll also remove it entirely by contacting each of the three credit bureaus.

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How to Unfreeze Your Credit

When you enter the PIN at Experian’s Security Freeze Center, you’ll lift a credit freeze online immediately. You furthermore may can call 888-EXPERIAN (888-397-3742) and supply the PIN to lift the freeze from your credit report. If you lost your PIN, Experian will get to reissue one.

Getting a replacement PIN or password from the credit bureaus requires submitting an equivalent proof of identity information you provided when fixing the safety freeze: copies of a photograph ID and a recent piece of mail, like a utility bill or statement (as proof of address), plus your Social Security number.

Lifting a Freeze Temporarily

Gather information to verify your identity. The agency won’t lift your freeze unless you’ll prove that it’s you, and not a possible identity thief. Generally, you will need to supply your name, address, and Social Security number, plus the PIN that was sent to you once you placed the freeze.

The agency may ask other verification questions associated with information in your credit report.
If you’ve already found out an account on the credit bureau’s website, you’ll not need to do much else than log onto your account and supply your PIN.

Lifting a Freeze for one Lender

Determine which agency the lender will use. Lenders may pull a credit report from any of the three bureaus. If you’ve got a freeze with all of them, knowing which one the lender will use can prevent a touch time.

Inform the lender that you simply have a freeze on your credit report and would really like to supply them a single-use PIN. Ask them which agency they use.

Removing a Freeze Permanently

Verify your identity with the agency. Like a short-lived freeze, you want to satisfy the agency that you simply are who you say they’re before they’re going to permanently remove a security freeze on your credit. This normally involves providing your Social Security number alongside the PIN you were issued once you placed the freeze.

If you’re requesting a freeze removal through the mail (rather than online or over the phone), you’ll need to send copies of your government-issued photo ID or other documents. Contact the credit bureaus beforehand to seek out what information is required.


  • To put or manage a security freeze with Experian, call 1-888-397-3742 or visit
  • To put or manage a security freeze with Equifax, call 1-800-349-9960 or visit
  • To put or manage a security freeze with TransUnion, call 1-888-909-8872 or visit
  • In most states, a credit freeze remains on your credit report until you lift it or have it removed. However, during a few states, your freeze will expire after 7 years. The credit bureaus should notify you if your freeze is subject to an expiration date.
  • Thanks to the info breach that impacted many consumers, Equifax is offering free credit freezes until June 30, 2018. If you previously paid a fee to freeze your Equifax credit report as a result of the info breach, Equifax may refund those fees.
How To Unlock A Credit Freeze

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