How To Use A Payid

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PayID is an Australia-based payment service that creates it easy to send money to others without having to memorize checking account numbers. Many (but not all) banks in Australia participate within the PayID program, including CommBank, Australian Unity, and Bank of Heritage Isle. This wikiHow will show you ways to check in for and use PayID.

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What is PayID and the way does it work?

A PayID may be a unique identifier of an account holder, like a mobile number or email address, which may be linked to an account to receive payments made through the New Payments Platform (NPP) or Osko.

That means, if your account is Osko eligible and you would like to pay someone who’s created a PayID, you don’t need to chase up their BSB and account number – they will simply provide you their PayID and you’ll pay them that way.

Signing Up

Open your banking app log in to your bank’s website. Since many various banks in Australia use PayID, there are not any absolute steps to follow.

Some banks that participate with PayID include the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Citi Bank, Causal, ANZ, ASL, AWA Alliance Bank, Australian Unity, Australian Military Bank, Assembly, Banquets, Bank of Heritage Isle, etc. For an entire list, visit

Sending Money

Enter the recipient’s contact information. you’ll either use their checking account information, telephone number , email address, or business information.

If the recipient features a PayID, you will see the PayID logo next to their name after entering their info. If they are not signed up with PayID, you would possibly need more information, like their checking account number.

Receiving Money

Find the payment in your transaction history. You might, counting on the notification settings you set for your checking account , get a notification for the payment, but you will find the Osko logo within the details section of the transaction to ascertain it had been made with PayID.

  • You would possibly see the transaction as Pending if the sender sends money for the primary time.
How To Use A Payid

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