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ATMs, or cash machine Machines, provide an easy , convenient thanks to access your checking account from almost anywhere. Though ATMs could seem confusing initially , they’re actually incredibly straightforward and straightforward to work .

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What is an ATM?

An Automated Teller Machine is an electronic banking machine that permits an bank account-holder to perform basic money transactions, like withdrawing cash, with none other human presence.

Apart from withdrawing cash, ATMs have begun to supply a plethora of useful services like –

  • Open or withdraw a hard and fast deposit;
  • Apply for loans;
  • Pay insurance premium;
  • Pay utility bills;
  • Deposit checks and cash, etc.

Safety First

The first thing to recollect when using an ATM is to be safe. That machine has direct access to your checking account , and you would possibly have tons of money available immediately before or after you employ the ATM (depending on whether you are making a deposit or withdrawal). For those reasons, thieves target ATMs and therefore the people using them. remember of your surroundings and do not use an ATM if anything looks suspicious.

Choose a Transaction

You can use an ATM to try to to several various things , so you will have to inform the machine what you would like to try to to . Getting cash is easiest, but you’ll eventually find out how to use an ATM for other transactions.

Ending Your Session

Switch to mobile banking. remember that for everything but withdrawing money, you’ll now use mobile banking if you bank with one among the main banks. Mobile banking, which uses your smart phone, allows you to deposit checks, check your balance, transfer money, and includes many of the opposite services of the ATM.


  • Some ATMs have headphone inputs for disabled users.
  • Some ATMs provide audio feedback tones or spoken assistance and braille for disabled users.
  • If your card is lost or stolen, call your bank as soon as possible to inform them it’s lost and acquire a replacement.
  • If you create an error entering variety otherwise you pick a choice you didn’t mean, press “cancel” or “no”. Most machines will ask you “is this correct?” to offer you an opportunity to vary your entries.
  • If you’re still unsure the way to use ATM, go inside the bank or ask an employee or ask someone you trust to assist you the primary time.
  • Prepare your deposit before fixing your card, especially if you’ve got checks. you’ll take some extra envelopes and prepare deposits before time, in your home or car.
  • Some banks don’t require a deposit slip. If you are not sure, ask. during this case, you’ll got to write your account number on the check once you endorse it.


  • Make certain to finish your session. If you forget to then it’s possible for subsequent person to withdraw money from your account without you knowing.
  • Don’t give your personal identification number to a lover or relative, albeit you are doing it as a gesture of trust and friendship.
  • Never let anyone see your PIN. Put your other hand round the keypad once you enter your number, and do not enter your number if anyone is standing too close.
  • Always remember to require your card back from the machine. Do that as soon because it pops out. If it remains within the slot for quite 30 seconds after the transaction has been completed, the machine will suck it copy to stop it from being stolen. If the ATM you’re using isn’t at your bank, it’s unlikely that they’re going to return the cardboard to you – you’ll need to get your bank to issue a replacement one.
  • Know what charges are going to be involved ATM usage. If you’re employing a bank not connected together with your account or using your ATM to urge money while traveling abroad, you’ll need to pay a further fee.
  • Never write your PIN on your card or in your wallet or purse.
  • If your card gets sucked in as soon as you insert it, examine the slot very closely: some burglars insert a plastic sleeve that forestalls the cardboard from being read, and once you go inside the bank, they’re going to quickly pull it and withdraw the maximum amount of money as they will .
  • Some ATMs have a slot where you insert and pull the cardboard instead of just inserting it. If this is often the case, examine it very closely to form sure it’s all a part of the ATM; otherwise, it’d be a card cloning device!
  • When entering your PIN, remember of any folks that could also be standing around you, attempting to seem over your shoulder.
How To Use An ATM

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