How To Use An EBT Card

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Once you’ve got qualified for basic food or cash benefits from the state, you’ll easily use your EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card to form purchases. Just confirm you recognize which benefits you’ve got and what your current balance is before shopping. Then , you’ll attend any authorized retailer to get what you would like . Your card (sometimes called a search card) works just about, sort of open-end credit . You’ll even use it at an ATM if you’ve got cash benefits. You’ll also check balances and other account information by using the website or customer service hotline. Some rules and benefits vary, counting on where you reside , but you’ll easily find that information by asking customer service.

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PIN Your Card

PIN stands for private number . To use your EBT card, you want to enter your 4 number secret PIN into the machine. Your PIN will arrive within the mail separately from your card. it’s going to take 7-10 business days to arrive.

Call EBT Customer Service at (800) 997-2555 (the number on the rear of your card) if you forgot your PIN otherwise you want to vary it to at least one that you simply would like . Note: the EBT Customer baseline opening message mentions P-EBT. this is often the right number. it’s wont to PIN EBT and P-EBT cards.

Getting Cash from an ATM

Locate an ATM with the search logo thereon . Keep your eyes peeled once you are out and about and note of ATMs that you simply can use. you’ll also contact customer service and invite the locations of ATMs near you. Stay safe by ensuring that the ATM is found during a well-lit space that’s not too isolated.

Avoid using an ATM after dark. it’s safer to travel to the ATM during the daytime.

Checking the Balance and Other Information

Call the Customer Service Helpline if you can’t go browsing . If you don’t have internet access, you’ll use the helpline to access an equivalent information. From anywhere within the U.S., dial 1-888-238-6399. Customer service is out there 24/7.

  • you’ll prefer to speak to someone in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Korean, and Haitian-Creole.


  • You’ll get cash from an ATM or get cash back at a store, but you can’t get money from a bank teller using your card.
  • Your benefits are going to be automatically added to your account monthly .
  • If there’s a drag together with your card or an inaccurate transaction, call the helpline.
How To Use An EBT Card

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