How to Use Chakra Stones

Here you can get How to Use Chakra Stones. Using chakra stones are often an enlightening thanks to try healing your body without using medicine or seeing a therapist.

These stones are thought to stimulate different chakras, or energy wheels located on the spine, that are tied to physical and emotional bodily issues. To use chakra stones effectively, meditate with them, lay them on your body, and develop an understanding of the various chakras.

What are Chakra Stones?

Chakra stones are differing types of stones in various colors that support within the chakra natural healing process. The chakras within the physical body have specific colors, and these colors change when the chakras aren’t functioning as they ought to. So, what are they used for? Their energies are intended to assist your chakras to seek out a greater sense of harmony and balance within you.

In many interpretations, chakras are spinning energy wheels, and intrinsically they will fall out of alignment, spin too fast, or likewise fall under a sluggish turn that creates them barely functional. Because each chakra corresponds to a particular a part of ourselves, be that physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, the consequences that come from losing that chakra’s balance are often keenly felt. What takes a touch longer and finesse is learning to pre-empt that, but this is often another matter that crystals can help with.

Balance the Chakras by Placing Chakra Stones on Your Body

If you are working with energies for the first time or if you never used crystals before, you should first practice crystal healing on yourself.

The easiest way is to select a couple of gemstones by intuition and check out to try to to an easy chakra meditation with the stones placed on the brink of your chakras locations. you’ll lie and place your selected stone on the situation of the related chakra and just relax. you’ll also put multiple crystals on all seven chakras. While relaxing, you’ll practice various breathing exercises, and you’ll visualize the energy flowing through your chakras, filling them with healing energies and balancing them.

When you use gemstones for healing, the energy of crystals will get within the resonant vibration with the energy and vibration of your chakras. Through this vibration, the stones balance the chakras by stimulating (rising) their frequencies or lowering them if the chakras are over-active. Crystals also can bring qualitative information (intention) to chakras, which may be a quite programming.

Cleanse and revive the Energy of Your Home with Gemstones

Another standard technique is to place crystals in areas of your house, in places where you would like to clear or enhance specific energies. The shapes that employment best are various crystal clusters and pyramids. As against pointed crystals, the clusters project their energy altogether directions and canopy a bigger room space. it’s beneficial to put specific stones in areas of your home where you stay the foremost.

You can place Agate or Shungite stones by your computer because they’re going to help neutralize the harmful radiation of electronic devices. you’ll also use crystals for concentration – like Citrine, Fluorite, Jade, Hematite, etc. Simply keep the gemstones on display within the area of your work.

The stones that fit well in your bedroom are for instance Amethyst, Quartz, and Selenite. Besides clearing the energy of the space, they’re going to also assist you get an honest and restful sleep. If you’ve got a special place for meditation or an area to practice yoga, you’ll equip it with a spread of gemstones intuitively picked for the aim and quality you would like to bring into your life.

There are not any fixed rules or limits once you are using crystals to enhance the standard of your lebensraum. The sole limit is your creativity and imagination, and therefore the only important thing together with your arrangement is that it causes you to feel good.

Build Altars and Shrines with Chakra Crystals

Chakra crystals are many times central objects of personal altars and shrines. Personal altars are collections of power objects, which hold some significant meaning for you, and are arranged by logic originating from your intuition and creativity.

To create your altar, pick an appropriate place in your home and be creative. once you are building your energy shrine, you’ve got to be relaxed and calm. The act of handling your power objects by itself will have the effect of calming you down and strengthening your intuition. Just accompany the flow. The purpose of building an altar are often supported particular intention, oriented towards solving specific psychological or physical issue, otherwise you can build it merely for general protection and clearing of any negative energies.

When you are fixing your altar, you furthermore may need to program the ‘power objects’ for the precise purpose which you’ve got in mind. the tactic for programming of ‘power objects’ is that the same as for programming the crystals.

Altairs usually contain objects of special value for you: statues, pendulums, photographs, incense, candles, gemstones and other power objects. The arrangement of objects on your altar is additionally essential. what is going to you set within the center? What within the corners? what’s its orientation towards four cardinal directions of the sky? How the energy flows within the altar? These are just a few of the questions which will assist you once you are building your sacred shrine. But don’t worry, there’s no right or wrong way. Just follow your feeling and be intuitive.

Enhance the Energy with Crystal Grids

Crystal grids have similar properties as altars. The difference is that the grids by default do not include other objects of power apart from gemstones. In this regards, crystal grids have less symbolic power but are more like ‘energy machines’ based only on the powers of gemstones.

Crystal grids are specific arrangements of energy stones, usually in mandala-like patterns which serve the aim of manipulating the energy of the place where they’re placed.

Crystal grids are extremely powerful ‘energy machines.’ When the stones are arranged during a grid, they amplify each other’senergies, and that they create a synergy. Two crystals that complement one another energies are often much stronger as each stone by itself. There are infinite ways of how you’ll build your crystal grids, and there are many purposes which these grids can have.

Once you’re conversant in the energy of your stones, it’s all left to your imagination and intuition.

Wear Crystal Pendants, Bracelets, and Rings

Another way of energy balancing is to wear crystal jewelry: rings, bracelets or pendants.

As with all gemstones also crystal jewelry needs to be cleaned, charged and programmed. If you wear a crystal pendant or other type of jewelry, the stone is permanent contact with your energy body.

The main advantage over other energy healing methods with gemstones is that by carrying the crystal on you it’ll protect your energy in the least times. Not only that chakra stones jewelry looks great, it also helps you to preserve your energy once you are in touch with people and facing the daily stressful situations.

There are many purposes for wearing gemstones jewelry. Most people wear it for rooting and balancing their energy and for cover . But there are other useful applications. If you’re attending a business meeting, you’ll wear a throat chakra crystal to assist you improve your reasoning and communication skills. If you’re during a meditation group, you’ll use pineal eye or crown chakra gemstone to assist you connect with celestial energies while you meditate. If you’re on a date, you would possibly want to use one among the sacral chakra gemstones to reinforce your sexual and sensual energies, which causes you to more attractive to your partner.

As with other methods of energy work with energy stones, the sole limit is about by your imagination.

Try the Crystal Water Chakra Stones Diet

Less known but extremely effective method of healing with chakra stones is to diet them. you’ll put the crystals of your choice in water (mind that not all gemstones just like the water), leave them for a short time then drink the water. Some crystals are often slightly toxic, so you’ll put your stones during a special vial or small flask, which you submerge into water.

Water may be a medium which will store energy and knowledge and crystals will inform it with their vibration albeit they’re not in direct contact with the water. once you drink the informed water, your body will absorb the knowledge and it’ll imprint this energy into your cells.

You can diet one crystal at a time, otherwise you can use a mixture of stones. it’s not advised to diet quite three crystals at a time. The period of time of dieting should be a minimum of every week up to a month if you would like to determine a very close reference to your gemstone. For maximum effect, each diet should be supported by a correct food diet. this suggests that you simply shouldn’t intake any meat, salt, sugar, alcohol or processed foods. you ought to also avoid eating dairy products during the chakra crystals diet, especially aged cheese.

How to Use Chakra Stones

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