How to Use Frankincense Oil

Here is the information about Frankincense Oil and also Use of Frankincense Oil. Frankincense is most commonly recognized together of the gifts offered by the three wise men present at the nativity. But what you would possibly not know is that frankincense features a big variety of everyday uses even within the present day.

The delicate, fragrant resin is sweet for treating the skin, relieving stress and anxiety or just freshening up a musty room, but its natural benefits don’t stop there—you could be surprised in the least the marvelous applications this essential oil has.

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Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense is one among the foremost highly prized essential oils due to its rich aroma and long history. referred to as the “king of the oils,” frankincense has another association with kings. Frankincense is familiar to several people together of the gifts that the three wise men gave to the baby Jesus. (Most likely, the wise men gave the dried resin version of frankincense used in incense instead of the oil.)

Frankincense essential oil springs from the resin (or sap) of the Boswellia tree, which grows in Northeast Africa and India. First, the sap is extracted from the tree then dried until it hardens. The oil is then extracted using steam distillation.

Frankincense features a rich aroma that’s described as woody but with undertones of spice and fruit. Adjectives to explain the oil include sweet, spicy, and warm. Although used as an incense in religious ceremonies throughout the planet , the essential oil version is cleaner and sweeter than its incense counterpart.

There are four different versions of frankincense essential oil counting on which species of Boswellia tree is used—frankincense carterii, frankincense frereana, frankincense sacra, and frankincense serrata. Each version has different chemistries and slightly different aromas.

Cliganic’s frankincense essential oil is formed from frankincense serrata, which is primarily grown in India and North Africa . Frankincense serrata features a sweeter and more delicate aroma than other versions of the oil. Frankincense serrata is that the oldest documented version of frankincense and is presumably the one mentioned within the Bible and Ayurvedic medicine.

Establish a Habit of Mindfulness

We could all stand to be a touch more mindful in our daily lives, right? Whether meaning mindful eating or meditation, being present has been proven to alleviate stress and worry from our lives.1

“Frankincense may be a nice way to help establish ritual and consistency throughout the day,” Panton says. “The brain naturally loves patterns and familiarity, and this volatile oil has been utilized in meditation, prayer, and yoga practices for many years. i really like using it in daily meditation practice or as a reminder to require a few deep breaths throughout the day. Sometimes once I know I’m getting to have a very busy day, i will be able to actually schedule alarms on my phone a couple of times each day as a reminder to require an interruption , ground my feet, and breathe deeply.” Frankincense volatile oil is that the perfect companion to those small moments of mindfulness.

She also suggests incorporating the oil into an existing meditation routine. “Add five drops to the palm of your hands and rub on meditation beads or crystals to assist create a relaxing and restorative meditation practice,” she says.

Ease Anxiety

Make no mistake: Science backs aromatherapy. Take it from Hope Gillerman, founding father of wellness brand H. Gillerman Organics, who told us that “your olfactory nerves are literally in your sinuses. … They’re extensions of the olfactory a part of the brain. once you inhale an important oil, you’re not just enjoying the scent; you’re actually ingesting the quickly evaporating micro-particles into the a part of your brain that controls our emotions.”

As Dr. Damian Rodriguez, DHSc, MS, and Health and Exercise Scientist of DoTerra Essential Oils explains, “The chemical components of frankincense end in a particularly powerful aroma which will help dispel negative feelings—like stress—and are effective at relaxing and focusing the mind and balancing mood.”2 What’s more is that it doesn’t just get obviate negative feelings, but it also actually encourages positive ones. It “promotes feelings of satisfaction, peace, relaxation, and overall wellness, which explains its unique value in past .” It also explains why “frankincense oil is very valued today and continues to be one among the foremost popular essential oils.”

Ready Yourself for Sleep

Remember how Panton said that frankincense is sweet for establishing new habits and rituals, especially when it comes to mindfulness? an equivalent goes for sleep. “I find that using frankincense in my evening ritual may be a nice way to create patterns and sleep routines that help me nod off faster and sleep more deeply,” she says.

“This features a huge impact on my day because when I’ve gotten enough sleep, I find that my energy state is best and that i do not have to succeed in for coffee as much. i prefer to show my diffuser on in my bedroom with seven drops of frankincense and 6 drops of organic French lavender about an hour before i’m going to sleep and shut the door. By the time i buy into bed, the space is crammed with a well-known aroma that cues my brain and body that it’s time to sleep.”

Boost Immunity

According to Rodriguez, and a recent study conducted by DoTerra scientists, frankincense oil can actually boost cellular immunity and performance . “In a recent study,3 DoTerra scientists investigated the effect of Frankincense essential oil on human skin cells using the BioMap dermal fibroblast system. The BioMap system may be a biology method that the researchers wont to examine how healthy cellular activity was supported by frankincense essential oil in human skin cells.

Taken together, the results from the conducted experiments suggest that frankincense essential oil supports a healthy immune reaction , promotes overall skin health, and supports a healthy inflammatory response in skin cells.”4 While these statements haven’t been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, and this product isn’t intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, this research that means frankincense oil could support “diverse cells” when taken internally, a possible advantage of using frankincense oil during a wellness routine.

Improve Skin Health

According to Panton, “frankincense essential oil also has great topical benefits for the skin.” Even Cleopatra is claimed to possess used frankincense oil, in conjunction with geranium oil, as a skin treatment.5 “I wish to blend three drops of frankincense essential oil with two drops of geranium essential oil in one tablespoon of jojoba carrier oil. I apply it to my cheekbones and around my eyes and massage it in using point techniques along the brow line and on either side of the bridge of the nose.” She even adds a few of drops to eye cream to naturally prevent signs of aging from appearing.

Using Frankincense Around the House

Freshen up a room. Add frankincense oil to a scent diffuser, vaporizer or homemade candle to spread the delightfully musky aroma throughout your home. Its odor-fighting elements can easily overcome the unpleasant stench of pet messes, trash, mildew or mounds of dirty linen because it calms and relaxes you.

  • Combine 5-6 drops of frankincense oil during a spray bottle with 3 cups of water and 1 tablespoon (14.8 ml) of bicarbonate of soda . you’ll use this natural mixture the way you’d a standard air freshener.
  • Try placing electric scent diffusers crammed with frankincense oil within the wall outlets around your home.

Make your own household cleaner. Whisk 10 drops of frankincense oil along side 2 cups predicament , 1 cup white vinegar and ¼ cup baking soda to supply a homemade multi-purpose cleaning solution. Pour this solution into a sprig bottle and use it for everything from cleaning your toilets to decontaminating your kitchen counter after handling raw chicken.

  • Frankincense may be a natural astringent, meaning it can traverse and help lift dirt, oil and dirt from almost any surface.
  • Polishing your furniture or counter tops with a mix of olive oil, juice and frankincense oil will leave behind a refined shine and keep them smelling fresh.


  • Frankincense oil has no known harmful side effects, and may be utilized in almost any situation (in moderation).
  • Buy frankincense and other essential oils from reputable dealers. stand back from new age holistic business selling mystery blends to form a fast buck.
  • Let the sweet, aromatic scent of frankincense improve your mood and assist you gain mental clarity.
  • In addition to hand soap, frankincense oil are often incorporated into your shampoo, conditioner, body wash or cold cream .


  • Essential oils like frankincense accompany remarkable health benefits, but they ought to never be wont to replace traditional medicine. If you’re sick, injured or suffering from an undiagnosed problem, see a doctor.
  • Always use the littlest recommended amount of frankincense oil as a tonic. Though most essential oils are safe to ingest, they will become toxic and should cause you to sick in large enough quantities.
How to Use Frankincense Oil

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