How to Use Lemongrass Essential Oil

Here you can get information about How to Use Lemongrass Essential Oil. Lemongrass oil, derived from the leaves of the lemongrass plant, carries a recognizable and soothing scent. However, it doesn’t simply smell good – it’s a flexible homeopathic remedy that has powerful anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Applied topically, mixed into food or drink, or diffused within the air, it can assist you address a variety of issues as broad as stomach discomfort, anxiety, and acne. If you employ it with purpose and care, it just might become your new favorite natural product.

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Using Lemongrass Oil For Hair

One could mix the lemongrass essential oil either to their oil or shampoo to utilize it for the hair.

When using it along side hairdressing , take about 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil like coconut, almond, or sesame. Next, add about 1-2 drops of the lemongrass volatile oil and blend it well. Apply it on the scalp and along the hair shafts generously. Massaging the scalp is usually recommended to reinforce the entire hair-oiling experience. When using it along side the shampoo, add about 1-2 drops of the oil to a couple of the shampoo you generally use. Herbal based or natural shampoos are suggested for avoiding any adverse reactions.

Using Lemongrass Oil For Skin

One could use this oil on the skin to urge obviate muscle cramps, joint pain, or for cosmetic purposes. the subsequent are the methods of using it supported your concern.

For muscle cramps and joint pain, add 1 or 2 drops of the lemongrass essential oil to any carrier oil like copra oil , almond, or jojoba oil. Next, apply this mixture over the affected area and massage to effectively eliminate the cramp or pain. For cosmetic purposes, you’ll add it to your toner or your moisturizer. To use it as a toner, one could add 100 ml of witch hazel to 2ml of lemongrass essential oil. Mix the mixture well and apply it over the face employing a delicate brush.

To use this as a moisturizer, you’ll add a couple of drops of this oil to warm shea butter and blend it well. Apply it over the skin, wherever you would like to moisturize.

Using Lemongrass Essential Oil As A Diffuser

To use this oil for its aromatic properties, one could diffuse the oil. To do so, add 3-4 drops of the oil to the diffuser or vaporizer and knowledge the aromatic benefits this oil provides. Another simple thanks to use the oil for its aroma is to pour a couple of drops onto a plant disease and tuck into a corner of the space . Refresh the cotton as needed .

One could also utilize this oil as an area freshener by adding about 8-9 drops of the oil it to a sprig bottle crammed with water. Always remember to shake the bottle before using it. Lastly, it’s advisable to consult your GP before incorporating this oil within the daily routine, to avoid any untoward reactions. Also, remember to do a skin test before using this oil. And take precautions to always use the oil in its diluted format no matter its use.

Adding Lemongrass Oil to Food and Drink

Use only small amounts of lemongrass oil if you propose to ingest it. Essential oils consumed in large quantities are at the best overpowering, and at the worst a threat to your health. Adding a drop is quite enough.

  • Dipping a toothpick in pure (or diluted) essential oil and stirring it into into smaller meals and beverages is a simple and appropriate dosing method.

Use lemongrass oil to flavor recipes. Many delicious dishes incorporate the flavour of lemongrass. Thai food is especially renowned for curries and stir-fries rich with its bright aroma. Add just a drop next time you’re mixing up a curry or a fry – the entire dish are going to be infused with its flavor.

Drink tea with lemongrass volatile oil to fight stomach pain and insomnia. Lemongrass has been utilized in folk medicine for hundreds of years to appease upset stomachs and produce a general sense of calm.[7] Next time you’ve got a stomachache – or trouble sleeping – try drinking a hot cup of tea with lemongrass oil to place yourself comfortable.

  • Many teas made with lemongrass leaves are available, but you’ll conveniently add the stomach-soothing properties of the plant to any beverage by stirring it with a lemongrass oil-soaked toothpick, as suggested above.

Using Lemongrass Oil in Aromatherapy

Diffuse your lemongrass oil with a diffuser, an inhaler, or a sachet. There are some ways to infuse your surroundings with the fragrance of essential oils. you’ll purchase a diffuser to be used in your home, otherwise you can create your own portable sachet or inhaler.

  • To form a sachet, staple together two pieces of cloth around a touch of sentimental stuffing (like cotton or cloth scraps) that’s been dabbed with lemongrass essential oil. Stick it in your pocket, and you’ll be amid the fragrance of lemongrass all day.
  • To make an important oil “inhaler”, fill alittle vial or jar halfway with coarse, chunky halite . Put 5-10 drops of lemongrass volatile oil into the vial and shake it vigorously. Then, whenever you would like an intense burst of lemongrass scent, uncork the vial and inhale gently.

Diffuse lemongrass oil in your room to make sure an honest night’s rest. Lemongrass volatile oil can have a light sedative effect, so if you’re battling insomnia, it could assist you get to sleep. Try employing a diffuser to spread the scent around your sleeping area, placing a sachet on your bedside table, or taking few gentle breaths from your inhaler before heading to bed.

Use your diffuser to fight anxiety before stressful events. Inhaling the fragrance of lemongrass before a worry-provoking task or event can reduce your tension and anxiety. Try using your inhaler before an enormous test, or carrying a sachet on your way to a crucial interview.

How to Use Lemongrass Essential Oil

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