How to Use Oregano Oil to Treat Respiratory Infections

Here you can get How to Use Oregano Oil to Treat Respiratory Infections. Oregano has been used as a standard folk remedy for thousands of years. While there isn’t any concrete scientific evidence that oregano will actually help your respiratory issue, there are plausible reasons to believe that it just might, since oregano features a propensity for fighting off certain bacteria and viruses.

If you would like to undertake oil of oregano to treat your respiratory tract infection, provides it a shot! goodbye as you aren’t pregnant, there really aren’t any dangers trying this one out, and if it brings you relief, then great!

Is oil of oregano good for the lungs?

It could be, but there’s no proof a method or another. Oil of oregano does have the power to inhibit certain viruses, fungi, and bacteria in isolated environments, so it’s plausible that it’d help with a respiratory infection. However, there are no studies involving people inhaling oil of oregano for respiratory issues, so there’s no way to know if it really works, and if it does, how efficient it’s .

  • Thyme, dictamnus, and marjoram are beat an equivalent category as oregano, and that they all have similar abilities to combat infections as oregano. Again, it’s unclear how effective they’re in people, though.
  • There are tons of variables when it comes to fighting diseases. simply because a compound or chemical works outside of the body doesn’t mean that it’ll work once it’s absorbed by your lungs.

Does oregano fight infections?

In a petri dish, yes; it’s unclear if it does within the human body, though. All of the studies on the antibacterial and antiviral impact of oil of oregano has been wiped out mice, chickens, or petri dishes.[5] While there could also be something to grease of oregano as a possible medication or treatment option within the future, there’s just no evidence it’ll has these same properties once it’s ingested or inhaled by people.

  • Oregano is even proven to inhibit cancer cells when they’re isolated in special environments. This doesn’t mean that oil of oregano will cure cancer, though.

Can you inhale oil of oregano?

It’s perfectly safe to smell oil of oregano unless you’re pregnant. While it’s unclear why, oregano is embryotoxic, meaning that it’s going to cause harm to your child if you’re pregnant. As a result, it’s best to not inhale oil of oregano if you’re preparing to welcome a replacement child into the world. It’s okay if you would like a dash of oregano on a slice of pizza, but don’t consume large amounts of it, make oregano tea, or use oil of oregano as a topical treatment.

  • If you aren’t pregnant, there shouldn’t be any unique risks if you would like to use oil of oregano for aromatherapy.

How do you use oil of oregano for respiratory infections?

There’s the old-fashioned way of just sniffing the bottle. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with just opening the bottle of your essential oil and taking a deep breath. This probably the simplest way to inhale the oil of oregano, and you’ll always bring the bottle with you on the go.

  • Hold the bottle roughly 6–12 inches (15–30 cm) faraway from your nose the primary time you are doing this, just just in case the smell is just too strong for you.
  • If inhaling the bottle directly is just too much, just pour a couple of drops into a plant disease and hold that up to your nose.

You can also put it during a diffuser with water if you favor. If you would like your home to smell like oregano, use a diffuser. There are all types of diffusers out there, but you sometimes just fill a tool with water up to the fill line inside the device. Then, you pour a few drops of oil of oregano into the water and switch it on. The diffuser will let a gentle stream of oregano droplets into the air!

You can drop the oil in steamy water to clear your sinuses. If your nose is stuffy and you would like some quick relief, boil some water. Pour it into an outsized bowl and add a couple of drops of oil of oregano. Hold your head over the steam beginning of the water and take a few deep breaths.

Don’t ingest oregano supplements if you’ve got a bleeding disorder. If you’re on blood thinners or you’re handling a bleeding condition (like hemophilia or von willebrand disease), don’t consume any oregano-based supplements. there’s some evidence that oregano may thin your blood out or increase your risk of bleeding.

  • It’s unclear if inhaling oil of oregano may have an equivalent impact as ingesting it.

What’s the best treatment for a respiratory infection?

Drink many fluids, have some soup, and take it easy. Most respiratory infections aren’t an enormous deal, and that they should clear abreast of their own during a week or so. within the meantime, rest, drink many water or juice, and eat some chicken noodle soup. you’ll also use a saline nasal drop, or take an over-the-counter cough medicine if you would like to appease your symptoms.

See a doctor if your infection doesn’t get away in 1-2 weeks. If your symptoms aren’t improving over time or they desire you’re getting worse, don’t hesitate to ascertain a doctor. They’ll be ready to take a glance at your condition and identify if you would possibly have something more serious than a touch bug. While it’s going to just desire a touch cold to you, it might be something more serious, like pneumonia.

  • A doctor could also be ready to prescribe you antibiotics to combat the infection. Don’t take these before seeing a doctor, though. If you’ve got a chilly or the flu, antibiotics won’t help with that.


  • You can create a 1-2% mixture of oil of oregano and a carrier oil to form a topical treatment. There’s some minor evidence that you simply can use this as an antibacterial skin treatment. This won’t do anything for a respiratory infection, though.[21] Oregano is additionally irritating for a few people when applied topically, so spot test it first and always dilute it.


  • Don’t ingest oil of oregano. it’s going to theoretically be safe, but it’s not worth taking the danger to seek out out. The oil of oregano supplement capsules are probably okay so long as you don’t have a bleeding disorder and you aren’t pregnant.
How to Use Oregano Oil to Treat Respiratory Infections

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