How to Use PuTTY in Windows (2020)

Putty is wonderful client to attach to Linux or Unix server easily. it’s the choice to attach using both telnet or ssh protocol. it’s option of RAW, serial ,RLogin also

It is available for Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista,7 ,10 and It can downloaded from below link

Download Putty here

How to Setup Putty Client on Windows

(1) Download contains putty.exe executable.

(2) Save the download to your any convenient folder.

Let’s for instance ,the folder is


(3) If you would like to make a shortcut to PuTTY on your desktop:
a.Open the C:/tech folder in Windows Explorer.
b Right click on the putty.exe file and choose Send To > Desktop

Now we are able to launch the client

How to launch the client
Double-click on the putty.exe program or the desktop shortcut to launch the appliance .

Putty Configuration

Following screen are going to be displayed

Now we are able to connect to any Linux or Unix server

How to use Putty for SSH or Telnet

You should have beforehand before you proceed with below steps

(a)Hostname or IP address of the VPS or dedicated server
(b) Protocol to use SSH or telnet
(c) For SSH, it’ll invite verification of keys
(d) Username and password and login to the system

Step 1: Put the server name in host name field and choose the acceptable protocol

and click open

Step 2: If you’ve got chosen SSH protocol which is that the default and secure one ,then below message are going to be displayed

Click Yes

In case of telnet ,it will directly attend next step

Step 3: Now you’ll be shown below on the screen

putting username and password

Enter the Username then it’ll invite password. Enter the password and you’ll get the $ sign and now you’ll proceed together with your activities

Other features of Putty client which may be used

(1) you’ll log the activities being done on the Putty client using the logging option

logging option in Putty Client

You can put the situation of logfile as per your convenience3

(2)You can specify the amount of rows,column and scroll back length within the window option on the left side

(3) you’ll specify the cursor type and font settings in appearance on the left side

(4) you’ll change the terminal color settings using color setting in left side

We can use the PuttyCM tool.It is very useful if you’re managing multiple server

How to Use PuTTY in Windows (2020)

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