How To Verify Funds Before Cashing A Check

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Checking to see whether funds are available before cashing a check can often assist you avoid overdraft fees and other charges related to insufficient checks that bounce. You’ll verify whether funds are available by contacting the payer’s bank, or employing a check verification service, which will research the payer’s financial history.

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How to Verify Funds

To verify a check, you would like to contact the bank that the cash is coming from.

  • Find the bank name on the front of the check.
  • Look for the bank online and visit the bank’s official site to urge a telephone number for customer service. Don’t use the telephone number printed on the check.
  • Tell the customer service representative that you’d wish to verify a check you received.
  • Provide the checking account and routing numbers from rock bottom of the front of the check.
  • Provide the quantity of the check.

Contacting the Payer’s Bank

Find the bank’s contact information. Verifying funds for a check requires you to call the bank directly, or visit a branch face to face.

Use the web or a phone book to seek out the bank’s contact information, rather than counting on contact information printed on the check. This helps you avoid contacting an illegitimate party claiming to be a bank within the event the check is counterfeit.

Using a Check Verification Service

Check in for a third-party check verification service. Check verification services can’t necessarily confirm whether funds are available, but can determine whether you’re in danger of cashing a nasty check, supported the payer’s financial history. Samples of reputable check verification services are Checks Systems, Crosscheck, and Cortège.

Ask your bank for recommendations on reputable check verification services if you would like help choosing a service.

Red Flags

In addition to asking banks for information, some basic detection can assist you determine if a check is probably going to be a fake.

  • Search for an inventory of security measures, which frequently appears on the rear of the check. Next, verify each of these features.
  • Search for micro print, which suggests that the check was printed by a legitimate check printer (and not at a con artist’s home).
  • Search for behavioral red flags, like somebody asking you to offer them to take advantage in exchange for a check.
  • If you accept checks from customers, found out rules to scale back the probabilities of getting ripped off.


  • Understand that verifying funds before cashing a check doesn’t guarantee that funds are going to be available at the time the check is processed. For instance, if the payer’s bank confirms that funds are available, but the account holder goes shopping later that day and spends the remaining balance, the check can still bounce.
How To Verify Funds Before Cashing A Check

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