How To Withdraw Money From A Savings Account

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A bank account allows you to put aside money that you simply don’t need immediate access to at the present , yet want to possess accessible quickly if facing unexpected expenses. Like checking accounts, savings accounts offered by banks are generally government insured (in the us , FDIC insured). They typically offer higher interest rates but more restrictions on withdrawals (including U.S. government limits) than checking accounts, and lower rates of return but extra money accessibility than investment accounts. This text walks you through the method of creating withdrawals from four of the foremost common sorts of savings accounts.

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Withdrawing from a standard bank account

Know your traditional bank account . These are sometimes called passbook savings accounts or share savings accounts. Such savings accounts usually have low or no balance requirements, and thus correspondingly low interest rates (but usually above checking accounts).

Withdrawing from an online bank account

Know your internet bank account . properly speaking , they’re precisely the same as a standard bank account , minus the brick-and-mortar bank. Usually, such internet-only accounts offers higher interests rates due to lower overhead costs (physical bank locations staffed by employees, etc.).

If you are doing not mind the lack to literally walk into your bank and transact business or talk face-to-face with someone about your money, internet savings accounts should be considered.

Debit Card

The simplest thanks to get money from a web bank account is with a open-end credit . Most online banks offer debit cards to customers, but you’ll need to provide mastercard information to the bank once you apply therefore the bank can verify your address. Once you get the cardboard within the mail, you’ll make instant withdrawals at an cash machine machine or get cash back from a merchant. These cards often carry an ATM transaction fee — especially if you employ them at a bank that may not your own.

Online Transfer

You can withdraw money from your online account and transfer it electronically to a different account, either at an equivalent bank or another bank. The transfer may take a couple of days if you’re transferring the cash to a different bank, and a few banks charge a fee for this service. you’ll got to know the routing number and therefore the account number of the opposite bank to form the transfer. These numbers are often found at rock bottom of your checks, if you’ve got a bank account. Ask your bank for the routing number if you do not have any checks, or find the amount on the bank’s website.


  • Don’t believe online statements from your bank alone to stay track of your balance and withdrawals. Keep track of your transactions independently of the bank, and reconcile your logbook monthly .


  • You’ll expect to be charged fees if you go above the withdrawal amount, withdraw money from an ATM that’s not a part of your bank’s network, or if your account dips below the minimum balance requirement. These are more reasons to stay accurate records of your savings account(s).
How To Withdraw Money From A Savings Account

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