How to Write a Check on a US Bank to a Canadian Payee

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With the world being increasingly interconnected, needing to make transactions across country borders is becoming more and more common. If you need to write a check to a Canadian payee, you’ll worry about international banking complications. However, by learning the essential rules, fees, and your payment options, you’ll write you ask in confidence.

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Writing a US Check to a Canadian Payee

Fill out the check correctly. This might appear to be a no-brainer, but when you’re trying to send a check abroad, even the littlest error in date, amount, or payee can cause complications. Follow all the standards correctly to form sure no unforeseen circumstances prevent the check from being cashed.

There are not any notes or differences you will need to form for the check to be cashed and accepted by a typical Canadian bank.

Understand the conversion rate

Every USD is worth approximately 1.31 Canadian dollars, but this rate can fluctuate. For instance, $20 USD would be $26.18 CAD. Therefore, if the person or organization you’re writing the check to is expecting a particular amount in Canadian dollars, confirm the quantity is correct.

Note the currency you’re using. The currency of the check is predicated on the bank that it’s drawn from. If the funds are drawn from a U.S. bank, the funds are denoted in U.S. dollars (USD). If the funds are drawn from a Canadian bank, they’re based in Canadian dollars (CAD).

Using Other Payment Forms

Send an electronic check. An electronic check simplifies the method by removing the necessity for any kind of paper check. E-checks undergo an Automatic financial institution (ACH) and can grant a Canadian merchant the power to simply accept funds from an American consumer with a legitimate bank account.

Different companies will have their own ACH that the funds undergo. Use one with experience sending money from the U.S. to Canada, like Deity or Sage.

Think about the outline

You don’t need to fill out the outline section at the rock bottom of the check, but you’ll write down, for instance , the amount of the invoice you’re paying. “If there’s a dispute regarding payment, this might be used as proof,” explains Bouillon.

Sign it

A check can’t be cashed without a legible signature. Your signature must be just like the one you provided once you opened your account. If there are any doubts, the bank could proceed with verifications.

Make sure you retain your checks during a safe place and, to avoid any risk of fraud, don’t sign any checks without filling them out first.


  • If an American often conducts transactions with a Canadian partner, he or she should consider maintaining a CAD account with a currency-exchange house. This manner, s/he has more control over currency conversions and may better protect him/herself from currency fluctuations.
  • Canadians can have USD check accounts, and these checks will state explicitly that they’re based in American dollars.


  • Allow time for checks to clear.
  • Like any financial transaction, take care of checks from people you do not know.
How to Write a Check on a US Bank to a Canadian Payee

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